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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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My birthday!

I turned 29 on Monday, May 23rd. 1 more year until 30! I had a nice birthday. Eric took the day off work so that he could watch the kids and let me relax and do whatever I wanted to. In the morning I went and got my nails done and also did some shopping in the mall.

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I was trying to decide which hat to buy-haha.

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Later I met up with Eric and we had lunch together. The restaurant gave me free dessert because it was my birthday.

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At dinner time family came over and my mom cooked dinner for us all. It was delicious. After dinner we enjoyed a strawberry cheese cake and strawberry, vanilla trifle. Yummy!

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I got a lot of nice gifts from my family. They are all so sweet. After I was done opening my gifts, we went to a local park to take some graduation pictures of Marilyn who was going to graduate the next day.

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This picture of Makram and Virginia makes me happy! They were walking Scout and Dixie.

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I love it so much when my siblings play with my kids.

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It was an awesome birthday!

Lincoln beach

My sister Isabelle came into town for Marilyn’s graduation last week and visited for a few days. It was so fun to see her! One night we went to Lincoln beach and walked around. It was a beautiful night!

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The kids are so happy we put up the trampoline!


I love buying waffles at this store!!

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One night when Eric came home from work he could tell how tired I was because of all the fighting and whining the kids had done that afternoon, so he told me to go and relax and get a pedicure! Love him!

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Having a blast at the family fun center in Lehi!

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Eric got a scooter and its been fun to ride it!

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My little Tyler turned 18 months last week and started nursery at church!

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School is out for summer now!!

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Tyler loves to play with Savannah!

IMG_7035 (960x1280)

Nicci dressed up as a witch the other day, haha.

IMG_7062 (960x1280)

Eating a “mums mums” at IKEA.

IMG_7067 (960x1280)

Savannah after she had ice cream outside.

IMG_20160516_182401 (960x1280)

Eric trying out our selfie stick haha.

IMG_20160522_191343 (1280x957)

More house…

They poured in the basement floor

IMG_7069 (1280x960)

Did the driveway, garage and stairs.

IMG_7070 (1280x960)

Next week they start the framing!

Dance festival at school!

The kids had a dance festival at school today. They did great!


Last day of preschool!

Savannah has had a great year in preschool. When we first moved here I randomly did a google search for a preschool close to where we live and I am so happy I found the one she has attended. I’m sad she can’t attend there next year, but I have found a different place in Lehi already that I hope will be good for her. She will be in pre K this fall! Anyways, the teachers have been amazing and I love that she has had the opportunity to learn to sing every Tuesday and learn to dance every Thursday. She has made a lot of friends and she has always been happy when I picked her up. They had a cute little program this last Friday. The theme was “Cat in the hat comes to school.” She loved that I made her hair like Cindy Lou Who. She wore her hair like that all day-haha.

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Day 4

IMG_20160519_161020 (1280x960)

IMG_20160519_161349 (1280x960)

Kindergarten performance

Jordan has one more week of kindergarten!! He has had a great year. His teachers have been awesome and I appreciate all that they do to teach the kids every day. He had a kindergarten performance that we all went to. Here are two videos!

Day 2 and 3

Since Eric works only about 7 min from where our house is being built he has stopped by two days in a row now-haha. It’s hard to not go over there and see what is going on.

Day 2. Putting in basement footing.

IMG_6709 (756x1008)

Day 3. Pouring in concrete for the basement walls.

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IMG_20160518_161441 (1280x960)

First softball game

Nicci had her first softball game yesterday. This is her second year playing and it makes me happy to see how much more confident she is this year. Her team is so cute. They came up with the name “The sour watermelons.” I really like their coach. He is like a grandpa to all of them and so nice and supportive. It started to rain when the game started and I felt a little bit like I was back in rainy Washington. Hopefully warmer weather will come soon. We were so excited when Nicci hit the ball on her second try. I think she was a little surprised herself. They have a great team spirit and everyone was cheering for each other. This will be a fun season!

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