"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Battle creek falls

Yesterday, it was a beautiful, sunny day. Eric surprised me and came home early from work, and we decided after the kids came home from school that we were going to hike to the Battle creek waterfall. We left kind of in a hurry and didn’t think to dress everyone better for hiking (Savannah was wearing a tutu for example). Haha. The hike was beautiful but the ground was still slippery with some snow and the kids slipped a few times. We had fun though and the water fall was very pretty.

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Happy kids at Valentine’s day at my parents house.

Yummy cookies they had made.

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We had a few sunny, warmer days last week and the kids had fun outside.

The Payson temple

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Yummy cake my mom made yesterday

After dinner we went out on a walk. The kids loved holding Dixie’s leach. They kept fighting over whose turn it was.

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Haha we saw this on the ground.

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The view from our lot in Lehi again.

IMG_20160219_110050 (1280x960)

Driving towards our future neighborhood in Lehi.

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Living the American Dream

We’ve been in Utah for almost 4 months now.  It’s been a transition from living in Washington, but we’ve really enjoyed it.  One thing we quickly noticed was how fast it’s growing around here.  There are billboards for new home construction everywhere.   We were planning on buying a home next summer.  But it’s sad watching the kids make friends knowing they’re going to be ripped away from them. We’d really like to be in a permanent home where they can grow up, as soon as possible.   Somehow we caught the fever and before we knew it we were walking through a model home.  It didn’t take long before we had a handful of plans that we loved.  We were able to walk through one, the Vincent by Edge Homes, and fell instantly in love with it. It was an amazing home.  Large mud room with space for lockers for the kids and additional coat storage in a closet, large 2 story great room, spacious kitchen/dining with island,  living room for entertaining visitors, den to use for whatever (play room until basement is done), 2nd bathroom with optional 2nd sink in vanity and door separating vanity from bath/toilet, and unfinished basement to expand space later.  We were ready to make an offer when we found another home we liked (though not quite as much) in a location we liked more.  It became a very tough decision; go with the better, more central location or the better house, still in a good location?  Some what conflicted we went with location and put a lot deposit on a plot in American Fork.  We took the weekend to think about it.  Then we found out the neighborhood lacked high speed internet. Our options would be DSL with a max speed of 1.5mbs or flaky, expensive satellite internet.  So we asked about internet in Canyon Hills (Lehi) and found they had speeds up to 1gbs, 666 times as fast.  Our choice was pretty much made.  We reached out to the sales agent there and asked if they’d throw in some options standard in the American Fork community.  When we finally heard back the answer wasn’t just no, but a resounding no, along with info that the prices on all homes/plots were going up by ~$50k at midnight.  So we rushed down there and signed the contract that same evening.

Although there was a lot of back and forth in our minds about where we wanted to live, we’re super excited about this community.  They have a community park with playground, tennis courts, basketball court, pool and clubhouse. It’s also only 5 mins from my job and near great schools.  There’s even a proposed lot for a church building within the subdivision, kiddie corner from our lot.


Floor plans


View south facing from our lot. Stairs are community pathway


View towards our lot, north facing.


Obligatory Selfie


Render of front




Mix again

Last weekend we got lots of snow for Eric to shovel, haha

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Eric’s cousin Erika’s son turned 3 last Saturday and we went to his birthday party. The kids had fun and it was nice to catch up with the Merrills.

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IMG_20160206_143333 (1280x960)

IMG_20160206_143422 (960x1280)

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Savannah had a fun Valentines party at preschool today!

Daily stuff

Flower headband :). Oh and I love my new hair straightener.

Nicci decorating for Valentine’s day. 🙂

I tried using fake eye lashes. It was a little hard to put them on the first time, but now it’s getting easier. I wear them maybe once a week.

Nicci is happy her hair is getting longer.

Me and Savannah at the library.

I love how Nicci loves horses and books, just like me!

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Tyler playing at the rec center while Savannah has her dance class.

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We signed the boys up for one month of floor hockey or innebandy  once a week. The coach is a guy from Finland that we knew from college. 🙂

IMG_5356 (1280x960)

Nicci reading at the gym.

I have been trying to do some different easy hairstyles with my hair and with the girls hair too. I’m finally getting better at doing french braids.

IMG_5358 (1280x960)

Fun at the movie theater before watching Kung Fu panda 3.



Blog about Tyler

Some days I think Oliver must have had a special talk or something with Tyler up in heaven before Tyler was born. I can imagine Oliver saying something like, “Soon you will meet your mom. She has been so sad and struggled a lot since I couldn’t stay and had to leave, so please give her some extra love and hugs. Please give her some extra cuddles from me.  She needs it.”

Of all our kids Tyler has been the most affectionate one. He loves to snuggle, to give hugs, kisses and just lay on our chest and cuddle. Our other kids were always so active and couldn’t wait to get down from our laps if we picked them up. Not Tyler. Even though he is a busy toddler now at almost 15 months, he still loves to take short breaks and just cuddle with us. He will be walking around playing all happy, and then all of a sudden he will walk up to me and just smile at me and give me a hug. It melts my heart. He still falls asleep daily on us before we put him in his crib for his naps. Since he is our last baby I think he also knows deep down that I need his sweet snuggles as much as I can. I just love him so. I have said it before but of all our kids Tyler reminds me the most of Oliver. I remember the first time I saw him sleep at the hospital and it just hit me like a ton of bricks how similar his facial features were to Oliver’s, especially his cheeks and mouth. Just the other day I woke up and looked over at Tyler who was still sleeping, and I saw so much of Oliver. I’m grateful for these tender mercies.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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