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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Savannah cut her hair

Our crazy little Savy! On Saturday morning I was shopping for a little bit when I got a text from Eric that Savannah had cut her hair. Nicci found her alone in her room with a scissors and lots of hair on the ground. I was sooo sad because I love her long hair, especially her ringlet curls. We took her to the hairdresser and her hair is to her shoulders now. “It’s okay mom,” she kept telling me-haha. I hope her hair will grow out fast! I don’t remember cutting my own hair as a kid but I do remember cutting my brother’s hair one time, and I tried to hide the hair behind some toys in his bookcase. Hehe, my mom found out!! ūüėČ

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Geeks in the woods

Every year I (Eric)¬†go on a retreat to Doe Bay Resort on Orca Island with my¬†company, TUNE. ¬†We call it Geeks in the Woods. ¬†The premise is to take internet into nature and geek out to tech presentations, hacking, and enjoying the great outdoors. This year was another amazing experience, despite some rain. Here’s the executive summary. ¬†Wed we took a charter boat from Anacortes, WA to the resort. ¬†Upon arriving we set up camp. ¬†Next we played Volleyball, Frisbee, bean bag toss and just hung out until dinner. After dinner there was a band and time to socialize. ¬†Some of went to the beach to view the bio luminescence (light caused by organisms in the sound when disturbed). ¬†We also spent some time in the hot tub before bed.

The next day was filled with good food, lots of tech speakers, and more music in the evening along with some console gaming.  We also went on a Zelda-themed scavenger hunt that was a blast.

The last day was packing up, closing speakers, and a¬†didgeridoo workshop, followed by a boat ride home that came almost 2 hours late. And now for some pictures…


Lunch on the way there. I had a Jalapeno Popper burger.

IMG_20150916_120609728 (1280x720)

View leaving Anacortes

IMG_20150916_145829919 (1280x720)

Night view from my tent

IMG_20150916_194534170 (1280x720)

view from beach of Doe Bay Resort

IMG_20150917_163430015_HDR (1280x720)


IMG_20150917_205138188 (1280x720)

Main tent area where speakers, food and hacking took place

IMG_20150917_205159742 (1280x720)

Main stage with bands

IMG_20150917_212001035 (1280x720)

IMG_20150918_081622138_HDR (1280x720)

IMG_20150918_081638415_HDR (1280x720)

requisite deer selfie

IMG_20150918_092554335 (1280x720)

didgeridoo workshop. An Australian instrument.

IMG_20150918_145031808 (1280x720)

Saying goodbye

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One day the kids dressed up with their friends. So funny.

IMG_2923 (1280x960)

Jordan and I built this puzzle together. There was one piece missing!!! aaaaaa

IMG_2925 (1280x960)

Yummy pumpkin blizzard from Dairy queen!


We had fun at the Silverdale waterfront park one day. We used to come here a lot when we lived in Silverdale.

IMG_2953 (960x1280)

Jordan built a train track all the way down the hall. He loves to do this.

IMG_2954 (960x1280)

Nicci and Kaitlin dressed up one of ¬†Nicci’s stuffed animals.



I love to watch the kids build things together.


Nicci’s “It’s great to be 8” necklace my mom gave her. ūüôā She wore it to church last Sunday.


Nicci built this for Luna.


The neighbor finally came and cleared up the tree that had fallen into our yard during a windstorm weeks ago.

IMG_3109 (1280x960) (1280x960)

Savannah and I made some chocolate banana bread the other day.

Pics I took during Savannah’s swimming lesson. She cried a little the first time but now she loves it!

IMG_3113 (960x1280)

IMG_3117 (960x1280)

Jordan had his first soccer game. He scored a couple of goals and was so excited! It was raining on and off during the game and we were soaking wet when we came home.

IMG_3125 (1280x960)

IMG_3130 (1280x960)

Savannah and Chloe are so cute!

IMG_3132 (960x1280)


Poulsbo Kids day

The kids had fun at Poulsbo Kids Day last Saturday. They had a drawing there and we ended up winning a gift card to a frozen yogurt place. Yay!

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IMG_3054 (1280x960)

IMG_3056 (1280x960)

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IMG_3065 (1280x960)

IMG_3066 (1280x960)

IMG_3067 (1280x960)

I bought a crimping iron for the girls. It’s been fun to use it!

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Special day for Savannah!

I remember the day I got my ears pierced. I was 8 and so, so excited. On Tuesday it was Savannah’s turn. She was very happy and excited. She picked out some rainbow flower earrings that she wanted and sat calmly in the chair while holding the Claire bear. She cried for maybe 20 seconds while the lady was piercing her ears but stopped instantly when she was given a lolli pop from the lady. Now she often will look at herself in the mirror and admire her earrings. Savannah is so fun. She loves everything pink, purple, tutu’s, dresses, necklaces, princesses and all things girly. She will often walk up to people and tell them, “I’m a princess.” She is such a sweetie.




Lionel’s first soccer game

Lionel had his first soccer game on yesterday. I thought it was awesome that his shorts and shirt that they gave him were blue and yellow, the Swedish colors. Woop,wooop! The boys are so fun to watch. They trip over each other, run the wrong way at times and they have so much fun! There are 6 little boys on the team. One funny thing is that one of the boys was in the same gymnastics class as Lionel when he was 3. I will always remember that gymnastics class because I was super sick being ¬†early in my pregnancy with Oliver. It’s always fun to watch and chat with the other parents. Everyone is so excited for their kids. The kids look so proud every time they manage to steal the ball or score a goal. They have a really nice coach whose name is Shannon. It will be a fun fall playing soccer!

1EM_3513 (853x1280)

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Soccer, dance, swimming

The kids have started their extra curricular activities. It’s been fun but busy. Lionel and Jordan plays soccer twice a week and Lionel has a soccer game every Saturday. The nice thing is that Lionel’s soccer practice is at their elementary school so the kids can play at the playground while he plays. ¬†Nicci is taking a dance class (We had to cancel her soccer because the practice time was moved and we couldn’t do it anymore). Savannah is taking a ballet class and swimming lessons. She was soooo cute and excited for her ballet class. She kept showing everyone her tutu and was twirling around the room. Here are some pictures.

IMG_2931 (960x1280)

IMG_2935 (1280x960)

IMG_2936 (1280x960)

IMG_2937 (1280x960)

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First day of preschool

Savannah has been talking about starting preschool all summer long. On Wednesday it was finally time. She was so excited and made sure we knew where her backpack was at all times. She already knew some of the little girls and boys in her class from before so that helped her not to be so shy when she got there. She knows Miss Andrea well¬†too¬†since she always came with me to pick up the boys when they went to preschool there. ¬†She really wants to go on the bus with the other kids and asked if she could take the bus to preschool and was a little disappointed when I said no. Poor girl. My sweet little Savvy is growing up so fast! She will be going to preschool three mornings a week. ūüôā




First day of school

Today it was Jordan’s first day of Kindergarten. He has waited sooooooo long for this day. He wanted to go last year when Lionel started kindergarten. I asked him if he wanted me to drive him but he wanted to go on the bus with Lionel and Nicci. He loved going on the bus. He was so happy to bring lunch to school. Nicci walked with him to his classroom and helped him find his seat. When he came home in the afternoon he was just beaming. He ran home from the bus and gave me a big hug and told me that he loved school. It made me so happy. I now have a 3rd grader, 1st grader and kindergartner!!

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IMG_2983 (1280x960)

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Tyler 9 months

Tyler turned 9 months on August 21st. He had his well baby check up.


Weight: 21 lbs 6 oz (75%)

Height: 29 inches (75%)

He is such a happy guy. He finally sleeps in his own bed which is really nice. He wakes up once a night to eat usually around 4-5 am. He is crawling everywhere and gets into everything, little cutie. He loves to follow his siblings around and look at what they are doing. He says ma ma and da da. He still is kind of picky with food but we are working on it. We love you Tyler!!!

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