"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Tyler 6 months

Tyler turned 6 months on May 21st. He had his 6 month check up and here are his stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz (75%)

Height: 26.75 inches (75%)

He did great when he got his shots but he got a low fever the day after. Something new is that he got his first tooth! He has been sleeping horribly the last few weeks and this is probably the reason. Teething is no fun for baby or me!! He has been very clingy lately and wants me to hold him a lot. I don’t mind cuddling with my little boy! He still is doing fine with eating solids. He is rolling all o over the place. He loves to play with toys and always has something in his mouth. He only laughs when Nicci does something funny. He won’t laugh if Eric and I try. So funny. We love our Tyler!


Memorial day and Ludlow falls

We had a nice memorial day. In the morning we drove to Port Ludlow and went to Ludlow falls. It was a beautiful little hike and waterfall! We also brought a picnic and had lunch there. The kids had fun jumping around on all the rocks. Savannah almost fell in the water a few times, sweet girl.  In the afternoon we had a babysitter come and Eric and I went out on a date. I’m so glad Eric had the day off! I love days like this!

DSC_6599 (1280x851)

DSC_6607 (851x1280)

DSC_6615 (1280x851)

DSC_6624 (1280x851)

DSC_6627 (851x1280)

DSC_6635 (851x1280)

DSC_6640 (1280x851)

DSC_6653 (1068x1280)

DSC_6656 (1280x851)

DSC_6664 (1280x851)

DSC_6673 (1162x1280)

DSC_6681 (1280x832)

DSC_6692 (1280x812)

DSC_6699 (1280x851)

DSC_6707 (1280x851)

DSC_6709 (1280x851)

DSC_6717 (1280x851)

Eric and me

Eric and I decided to get the tripod out and take some pictures of us. Normally one of us is behind the camera and we rarely get pics with both of us in them. So here we are!

DSC_65661 (914x1280)

DSC_65771 (1212x1280)

DSC_6574 (1280x851)


I turned 28 on Saturday the 23rd! I had a really nice day. I got to sleep in, I got some cute gifts from the kids and Eric made me a delicious strawberry rhubarb smoothie for breakfast. After that I went and got a pedicure. It was nice to sit there, read and relax. In the afternoon I had an appointment at a salon to do a keratin smoothing treatment on my hair. It’s to make my hair more manageable, straighter, smoother and less frizzy. It took about 4 hours. It was very relaxing to be pampered and I just sat there and read, talked on the phone with my mom and just relaxed. After I was done Eric and the kids came and we went out to dinner. When we came home we ate the delicious strawberry trifle they had made for me. It was a great day!!


beaHairBeforeAfter (989x1280)


DSC_6547 (976x1280)

DSC_6548 (1071x1280)


Silly kids in the bath

bathTimeFun (1280x851)

Poor Lionel was sick for a few days a couple of weeks ago. He had zero energy and slept all day long.

DSC_6338 (1280x851)

Savannah loves her Frozen sandals!

IMG_0997.2015-05-01_233641 (960x1280)

Tyler is such a cutie!


He got his first hair cut about a week ago.

Within two days we had two neighbors that had small fires in their houses and the fire department had to come. Crazy.


New necklace

Eric got me this new necklace for mother’s day! I love it!

IMG_1066.2015-05-20_023744 (1280x1244)


Love this cutie!

Potty trained!

Savannah is officially potty trained!! She is doing great and we are so proud of her! The week before I started to potty train her I took her to the store and bought her some Elsa and Anna underwear. She was excited! She has only had like 1 or 2 accidents so far. She learned a lot quicker than I thought she would. It’s so nice not to have to change her diapers anymore! I only have one more kid to potty train now and then I’m done!! I’m glad I have 2 years or so before it’s Tyler’s turn!!

Viking Fest

Yesterday we attended the annual Viking fest! The kids saw a lot of their friends in the parade and got a lot of candy. We also had some yummy ice cream from Mora Ice cream.  Here are some pictures we took when we watched the parade! It was a fun afternoon!

DSC_6480 (1280x851)

DSC_6488 (1280x851)

DSC_6490 (1280x851)

DSC_6494 (1280x851)

DSC_6495 (1280x851)

DSC_6500 (1280x851)

DSC_6502 (1280x851)

DSC_6505 (1280x851)




On the way back to the car Savvy got soooo excited when she saw Elsa and Anna from Frozen. When we asked if we could take a picture she got all shy. Sweet girl.

Mother’s day

I had a wonderful mother’s day! For breakfast we had some delicious cream cheese danish bread. Sooo yummy! The kids had made me some nice cards and I got a new necklace from Eric. In the morning before church we took some pictures in the backyard. I love my kids! After church Eric made some chicken fried rice and for dessert he made a yummy blackberry cheesecake. I was so full! I got to rest and relax the whole day, which was so nice!

DSC_6450 (1)

DSC_6468 (1)

IMG_1030.2015-05-10_155227 (1280x1280)

IMG_1031.2015-05-11_005056 (1280x1280)

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