"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Flight Museum

We went to a fun flight museum last Saturday. I have been wanting to go there for a long time and it was very interesting and fun to be there. The museum was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. The kids loved looking at all the air planes and it’s amazing to me how some of the first airplanes that were built in the early 1900 were able to fly at all. So cool. They had two rooms just about world war I and II and I could have walked around there for hours just reading about everything, but the kids walked a lot faster! 😉










Waiting to go inside an old air force 1














Fun times!


Here are some pictures from our life lately…most of them are from last week.

We had the Staley’s over for dinner and the kids had fun in the play room. 🙂

2014-02-09 20.03.57

Nicci and Abigail at the bus stop.

2014-02-10 08.38.54

Soo….one morning I went out to start the car to take the boys to preschool and the car battery was dead. So I texted two of my friends and Jaime came over to help me. I went into the garage, found the cables and we did everything right and the car started. Yay! We were so proud that we had accomplished starting my car we just had to take a picture. Well….five minutes after she left I went out to start the car and it was dead, again!! I was so bummed. I think the problem was that I didn’t let the battery charge up long enough before I turned off the car. Anyways, it was just funny. We tried again later, the car started and it has worked fine since. 🙂

2014-02-10 09.15.55

Me and my little Savvy

2014-02-10 16.41.03

Nicci loved her drawing class at the Y. At the last day of class they got to bring home all the work they had done in a little folder.  Now she has started to take a rock climbing wall class.

2014-02-13 17.44.14

Tonight was the first time for her to do rock climbing and I think she likes it. She was a little nervous but I think it will probably go better next week.


Savannah loves to try to ride the scooter. She does pretty well but sometimes she falls too.

2014-02-12 15.23.30

The kids got to paint some plaster animals today.

2014-02-19 15.36.28

And they made some necklaces too.

2014-02-19 15.48.08

2014-02-19 16.07.26

We stopped by the library this afternoon and they had a Lego activity there that the kids had fun with.

2014-02-19 16.40.45

2014-02-19 16.44.30

For Christmas, Eric gave me a Nikon D3200. It takes really nice pictures. I have so much to learn though, about how to use it. Last week I drove to Olympia to go and see Sarah who knows a lot about photography and cameras. She taught me so many things and gave me awesome tips about how to take better pictures. I finally feel like I have more of an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other things. It was so sweet of her to help me.

2013-12-27 09.21.49

She even made this “photo tips and tricks” book for me. So nice! Thanks again! I went home and told Eric everything I learned and I’m waiting for some books at the library that I want to read to so I can learn even more.

2014-02-19 21.21.28

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day finally came. The kids had waited and waited. 🙂 They had made so many Valentine’s cards, it was hard to count them all. Sweet kids, I love how excited they get every holiday. We had a really nice day. The kids were so excited to go to school and have their Valentine parties. They all got so many sweet cards and candies.

2014-02-14 11.47.18

I put a little note for Nicci in her lunch box.



When the kids came home from school we decorated sugar cookies. 🙂



We made the kids yummy heart shaped pancakes.

2014-02-13 19.07.03

We had a babysitter come at 5.30, and then we met up with Eric and Carrissa at “the Loft”. I had been wanting to go there for a long time. I had a really yummy curry bowl and Eric had a Bison burger with garlic fries.

2014-02-14 17.49.33

2014-02-14 18.42.33

After the dinner we headed to a Valentine’s dance at church. Last time I blogged about going to this dance was in 2009 and 2010. We went in 2011 too but for some reason I didn’t blog about it. I do remember being about 15 weeks pregnant with Oliver and was still 4 weeks away from the ultrasound, blissfully unaware that my life was going to change forever. Anyways back to 2014 🙂 We had lots of fun. A lot of our friends came too and we chatted, ate yummy cake and danced lots of different dances. I need to practice though!! I had forgotten many of the steps I used to know so well back when we used to go to so many dances in college.

DSC_0446 - Copy

I took pictures of some of our awesome friends that also came 🙂

Jaime and Robert.


Troy and Melanie


This picture reminded me of one of the pictures taken of us when we were dancing at our wedding reception.


Yay for cake. I was still so full from dinner, but I just had to eat a piece 🙂

2014-02-14 20.29.51

DSC_0489 - Copy

Yay for a fun night!!

Chuck E Cheese

Last time we went to Chuck E Cheese was in 2009. Nicci was Savvy’s age. This week we went again and the kids were thrilled. They had been begging us for months and months about going. We had a really nice night together as a family. I’m not a big fan of their pizza though. 😛 The kids got to pick out some prizes at the end and they also got to dance with Chuck E.










Welcome Home Sea hawks

Last Wednesday, the city of Seattle decided to host a parade to honor the Sea hawks winning the super bowl.  Not being much of a sports fan, I woke up Wednesday having forgotten. I went to work as usual, taking note of the new faces dressed in Seahawks gear.  I thought those people were crazy for going so early (6:20 ferry) when the parade didn’t start until 11:00.  Some of my co-workers had extra long commutes as their bus routes were changed or delayed.  One guy didn’t even bother coming in.  I figured I’d be okay going home since it was a few hours after the event ended.  Well, I was wrong. My evening commute ended up taking me 3 hours.  The ferry was 30 mins late and then the bus sat in traffic all the way off the island.  Blah. Remind me to work from home next time the Sea hawks win a super bowl, or any other bowl really. 😉


The kids were thrilled to wake up to snow this morning! It makes me so happy to hear them giggle and laugh while playing in the snow.











DSC_0343 - Copy

DSC_0344 - Copy

Savvy got really cold and sat under the heating blanket after we came inside.


Drinking some hot cocoa


Our week

I love the view when I drive home. We love living in this area where we are close to water, mountains and nature.

2014-02-03 10.35.37

We celebrated Ruby’s second birthday at McDonald’s on Tuesday. The kids had fun!

2014-02-04 10.52.40

2014-02-04 10.59.16

We love hanging out with the Hellewell’s. We get together for dinner every other Tuesday and we always look forward to it! Last Tuesday the guys had fun with their rc helicopters after dinner.

2014-02-04 18.53.33

The kids love to make crafts. They have been very busy making lots of Valentine’s day crafts this last week. Our table has looked like this for days.

2014-02-05 17.18.38

I love watching my kids learn things. Lionel is so proud that he knows how to write his name.

2014-02-05 17.22.45

Eric and I have tried some different green smoothies. They are so yummy!

2014-02-08 12.23.34

Last night we had a fun girls night at Adrianna’s. I love getting together with these girls! I always feel happier and more energized after hanging out with them. We talked, watched the Olympics and ate lots of yummy things!

2014-02-07 22.46.03

One day Jordan woke up way to early from his nap and fell back asleep out in the living room on the couch. My sweet boy.

2014-02-07 14.17.49

I love that the central market has these candies! Yum! We also bought some blood orange Italian soda that was delicious!

2014-02-08 20.04.34

Hug him once for me

2014-01-31 13.48.16 - Copy 2014-01-31 13.48.49 - Copy

Hug him once for me by Erica McClure

I asked you Lord, you answered.
A little one you gave.
The hardest part I never knew, was that little one you’d take.
But Lord I trust you now.
I know that you are good…
And Jesus I was wondering if you could..

Hug him once for me
Hold him up real close.
Let him sit upon your knee
And tell him all the things we’d teach him about you.
Whisper in his ear
One more simple truth.
Tell him that you love him…and that we love him too.

Waitin here right now Lord,
It seems so hard to do.
Longing just to hold him,
Like other Mothers do.
I know that you are faithful.
Your hand of grace I’ve known.
But I ask you in the meantime,
Until you call me home…

Hug him once for me.
Hold him up real close.
Let him sit upon your knee
And tell him all the things we’d teach him about you.
Whisper in his ear
One more simple truth.
Tell him that you love him…and that we love him too.

And when the trumpet sounds Lord.
Your face I long to see.
Now I’ve one more reason to wait expectantly.
And when I get to Heaven,
And see all you have done.
I know that I will understand
And to him I will run.

I’ll hug him once or me
I’ll hold him up real close.
He’ll sit upon my knee
And tell me all the things you’ve taught him about you.
He’ll whisper in my ear
One more simple truth.
He’ll tell me that he loves you….and that he loves me too.
He’ll tell me that he loves you…
And Lord, I love you too.

Weekend in Oregon

We went to Oregon this last weekend to visit my sister and her family.  The kids had been asking every day the last month or so when we were going to go. We celebrated Cambrianna’s 6th birthday and had a really nice time together!















Cute girls!



My sister made this awesome cake. It’s Olaf from the movie “Frozen.”






Matthew loved the cake!





My youngest brother LeRoy used to wear this suit. It’s been hanging in the closet for many years now. We are so excited now that Lionel can use it.



Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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