"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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My cutie

We love our little Savannah!

2014-01-26 17.31.47

2014-01-28 12.13.08-2

A day in Seattle

Last time we went to the pacific science center we got a membership, so we decided to go back last Saturday. It was a lot less crowded this time compared to when we went during Christmas break. The kids had a lot of fun!





Waiting to watch a show


Savvy is ready for her nap









We watched a 3d movie about space. It was very cool and interesting.




They have this one room full of different funny mirrors.



Walking back to the ferry. The kids did so great! It was a cold but beautiful day!


The kids were so cute and kept asking me to take pictures of them.






On the ferry, on our way home.







This week

On Monday we got together with a friend and her kids in the morning. We went to a park close to where we live and let the kids ride bikes and play. It was cold but so nice to be outside.

2014-01-20 10.15.44

In the afternoon the kids had a dental appointment in the middle of their nap….so I had to wake up Savannah early and she only ended up with a 30 min nap. ¬†We take the kids to a pediatric dentist which is like 25 minutes away and when we got there they told me I had mixed up the days and was supposed to come the following Monday. I was soooo bummed….but they were soo sweet and worked us into their schedule that afternoon. We ended up spending about an hour in the waiting room. Thank goodness they had toys, video games and other things for the kids to do while we waited. All looked great with their teeth!

2014-01-20 14.56.48

2014-01-20 14.57.11

The kids love my electrical blanket I got for Christmas, and I do too!

DSC_0028 (3)

Nicci loves to play with these.

2014-01-20 09.42.58

2014-01-20 09.50.37

The kids have started to bring their remote control cars to the bus stop every morning now. The other kids love it because they get to take turns with the cars too.

2014-01-23 08.32.12

Love this girl!

2014-01-23 08.35.45

2014-01-23 15.39.14

Lionel’s primary teacher from church came and visited us on Tuesday and they decorated a nice box that he can put things in that he brings home from church. We really appreciated her for coming to visit!

2014-01-21 09.51.31

Fun times

On Friday night Eric played flash light tag with the kids. Even Savannah was out there and they had a lot of fun! For Christmas my parents gave Eric this awesome hat that has a built in light. It came in handy. I remember playing hide and seek with flash lights outside with my siblings growing up. So fun!

2014-01-17 17.54.00

DSC_0018 (2)

DSC_0019 (3)

DSC_0020 (2)

For Christmas my sister in law gave us this fun game called “Beat the parents.” We played it this weekend and some questions were a little hard for the kids, but overall they did great! I can’t wait for when they are a little older so we can play more games together.

DSC_0026 (3)


My sweet Jordan

Yesterday at lunch Jordan all of a sudden looked up at me and said:

“Mom, you are so pretty.”

Soooo sweet! ūüôā

2014-01-16 07.39.04

Liked this article

I like this article from the online baby loss magazine “Still standing.”

Strength in the Everyday 

Now two and a half years later there are days when I feel like asking myself, “Did this really happen to me?” “Did I really give birth to my baby, held him as he passed away and bury him two days later….?! Sometimes it doesn’t seem real…like it was just a dream…Then I go and look at pictures and look in his memory box and realize that yes…I did indeed have a little boy, with dark hair, with soft fuzzy skin and with beautiful blue eyes and a cute little button nose. He was here, I held him and love him. I do feel proud of myself that I’m still standing. That I’m still breathing, walking and trying every day to live my life to the fullest, and to be happy while still missing my boy every day.

MSP_3247 - Copy

Reptile man

Friday night was a busy but fun night. We had a birthday party to go to and I also went to a Miche bag party. But before all that we went to Nicci’s school. They had a reptile man come and show us different kinds of reptiles. The kids loved it!

2014-01-10 18.32.45

2014-01-10 18.43.24

Some kids holding a huge snake.

2014-01-10 19.18.37

Back to routines

We had a wonderful Christmas break, but I think we were all ready to get back to routines with school, preschool and activities. I didn’t work out at all during the break, so doing Zumba again has been nice. ¬†The boys started their hockey class and really like it. We signed Nicci up for a drawing class and she was very happy when we picked her up on Thursday night.

2014-01-09 09.55.48

2014-01-09 09.55.54

Going to the movies

We went out with some friends and watched Frozen last Saturday night. It was the second time for me and Nicci to watch it and we just love it! They were showing it on the military base and the tickets were a lot cheaper. The kids did great and ate a ton of popcorn!

Before the movie started.

2014-01-04 17.53.30

Rough week for Savannah

Savannah was miserable with a cold, double ear infection and teething last week. She slept horribly and was very sad all day long. My poor baby. Here Nicci was trying to make her feel better by giving Savannah her favorite blanket,  some dolls and stuffed animals. So cute.

2013-12-31 08.06.21

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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