"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Memorial day weekend

We had a nice weekend. On Friday night Eric and I watched the movie Safe haven and it was really good. I read the book a long time ago so it was fun to watch the movie. On Saturday we went to the cemetery to visit Oliver and since it was memorial day weekend they had decorated the cemetery with lots of flags and flowers. Later we went to the Tacoma Children’s museum. We had never been there before so it was fun to try a new place. The kids had a lot of fun there! We also stopped by the Tacoma mall before we went home. On Sunday night we went and had some cupcakes with some friends whose twin girls turned 8 that day. We had a nice time. On Monday my brother and sister in law with their kids and my father in law came over. We grilled hamburgers, talked and the kids played. It rained all day long so that was a little disappointing, but the kids still had fun with their cousins down in the playroom.


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9 month check up

Savannah is doing really well. No shots today! Yay!

Her stats:

Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg) 90%

Height: 29 inches (73 cm) 90%

Head: 45.5 90%

She is a big girl!


9 Months

Savannah turned 9 months on the 25th and is officially crawling! We have to close the baby gate to the stairs now since she became mobile. Poor little Savy has started to teeth and has had a runny nose for a few days so she has been a little cranky. She has her 9 mo. check up tomorrow morning. We love our little girl!


Happy birthday to me

I had a really nice birthday. I got to talk to a lot of my family and Eric surprised me and came home at 1 pm. Some of my dear friends stopped by with some thoughtful cards and nice gifts. In the afternoon I went shopping for some clothes and had some yummy Panera bread and soup for dinner. Eric made a peanut butter trifle that tasted delicious. The kids were so sweet all day and kept coming up to me and wishing me a happy birthday. They told everyone we met all day that it was my birthday. All the kids at the bus stop said happy birthday and all of them know my age now, ha ha. Tonight we were going to go out for dinner while one of my friends watched the kids, but Nicci threw up randomly this morning! So weird, I don’t think she has thrown up since she was like 18 months. My kids almost never get stomach bugs so I was so surprised. She seems completely fine now and only threw up that one time, so I think she will be fine tomorrow. We ended up getting some Chung’s Teriyaki take out tonight instead. It was super yummy.



Freezer meals

One of my friends is on bed rest right now so we decided to get together one day and make some freezer meals for her family. We ended up making 24 meals. I had to leave a little early to pick up Nicci from school, but I had a great time chopping veggies and putting these meals together with some of my friends!



Fun with friends

We had a really fun night with friends last Sunday. We barbecued some hot dogs and had yummy smores. Nicci cracked me up, she had so much melted marshmallow on her face, I should have taken a picture. I love eating smores. We are so happy that we have been able to get to know this wonderful family more!




Jogging Stroller

One of my friends gave me this nice double jogging stroller. We already have one but its been broken for years and so I’m really happy I got this one. Now I can go out running with the two younger ones when Nicci and Lionel are in school.



Viking Fest-Saturday

This morning Carrissa and I ran the 5 mile Viking fest road race. At the start line we also met Melanie and some other friends from church. I was so nervous how I was going to do. Carrissa and I stayed together the entire race and I think we did really well! I’m proud of myself for having done it. I was so tired and done when we finished and I think my legs will be pretty sore tomorrow, but it was so worth it! I want to do this next year again! ­čÖé


In the afternoon Nicci walked in the parade with Leikarringen. She was so excited! It was raining during the parade so poor Nicci was soaked when she was done, but she had a lot of fun. The boys got a lot of candy and loved seeing all the different people in the parade. They especially loved the fire truck.


After Nicci was done




Viking Fest-Friday

We love to go to Viking fest every year. On Friday, Nicci did her last dance performance with Leikarringen before the summer. She danced down by the boardwalk in downtown Poulsbo and they did great. After she was done we went to Woodfired pizza and had dinner. It was so yummy. Later the kids got to go on some rides and they had a lot of fun!

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Climbing trees

The kids love to climb trees. Every morning at the bus stop they want to climb a little tree that is there. We also have some tall bushes or small trees in our front yard that the kids love to climb too. They call it their “tree house.” ┬áToday we went to the park and Jordan really surprised me when I saw him up in this small tree. Crazy boy!


Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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