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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Easter Wreath and Kids Dancing

I have been working on this Easter wreath for two nights now and I finally finished it! I would have finished it the first night but I ran out of plastic eggs so Eric got some more for me this afternoon. Here is a pic:

I can’t wait to hang it on our front door! This blog showed me how to do it.


Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend so far. We have done some gardening in the front yard and it looks nice. We went to he Home depot last night and bought some cute plants that Eric planted. Today he put up some edges and we also planted different flower bulbs. I’m excited for when everything starts to bloom. We have also been busy with switching our old furniture in our bedroom with some “new” ones that we got on Craigslist and that Eric painted white. Today we painted our bedroom in a light green color and it looks really nice. No pictures yet, because I want it to be all done before I put some on here.

Now I am going to relax and eat some yummy strawberries we bought at Costco today….! I am definitely going to make some Swedish pancakes next week and eat it with some strawberries and cream!

A Nice Day!

We have had two sunny days now and it has been so nice! I love spring days. We have spent a lot of time outside. Yesterday the kids watched Eric as he mowed the lawn and today we were outside for almost 2 hours before dinner.  The kids just loved to run around outside and it was warm enough for them not to wear a coat. Nicci and Lionel wanted to play barefoot and I let them. They got dirty but it was so worth it. I loved watching them running around in the grass being so happy.

Chicken Tortilla Soup!

I made this tortilla soup tonight. It was so, so, so delicious!! We are definitely going to make this again! The only change we made was that we used red kidney beans instead of the black beans since we like the red ones more.

Swing Set!

We got the kids a swing set and they love it! It also came with a slide and a teeter totter but we haven’t put up the teeter totter yet. Here is a picture.

Pacific Science Center and IKEA

We went to Seattle today. The kids were talking about going on the ferry all morning. They were so excited!

On the ferry.

Lionel on the ferry

We went to the Pacific Science center and stayed there for more than 3 hours. The kids had so much fun the whole time! They played and looked at different exhibits. I took a lot of pictures with my phone…I should have used our good camera because a lot of them turned out blurry…oh well.

Nicci and Lionel in a helicopter

Jordan liked it too

The kids LOVED the water table.

Jordan was playing here for a long time

Jordan learned how to climb up on the slide and go down by himself. He went down this slide SO many times.

They had a fun room full with different instruments.

Nicci and Lionel got to pet a scary little bug….

They had this big room that we went into where they had tons of butterflies flying around everywhere. It was so warm in there. The kids loved it and we stayed in the room for a long time. They kept pointing at the different butterflies and telling me what colors they had on their wings. One butterfly almost landed on Nicci’s head. Here they are watching some butterflies eating some fruit.

Kids having fun

“Playing” chess. Nicci kept putting all the horses together and said it was a mommy horse and her kids haha.

Nicci and Lionel climbed up into this space ship, but as soon as a voice started the countdown they got really scared and climbed down.

The kids got to pet a starfish. Lionel squished one of the sea cucumbers a little too hard so the guy had to tell him to be a little softer. It was kind of funny and embarrassing at the same time.

The kids liked the dinosaur exhibit but if they thought they were a little too close to the dinosaurs they got scared. “Its going to bite me mommy” Nicci kept telling me. Haha.

After the Pacific Science center we decided to go to IKEA. The kids were sooo tired after playing so much they all fell asleep within 10 minutes in the car.

At IKEA we bought an easel for the kids. They really love to paint so they were so happy. We also got some other small stuff.

It was a fun day!!

There is one more new post below…

Music Makers and Puppet show!

I took the kids to a puppet show on Tuesday. There were some dentists that talked to the kids about dental hygiene. They really liked it and got new toothbrushes at the end. Nicci was a little worried at first that the dentist was going to look at her teeth but I told her it was going to be okay. Funny girl.

Last week on Thursday the kids got to pretend that they were flying kites at music makers. The leader had tied strings through plastic bags and then let the kids run around with them. The kids loved it.

Nicci running

On Wednesday between Nicci’s gymnastics class and open gym we stopped by a near by Children’s consignment store. I loved that place! Super cute kids clothes and the best thing was that they had this big playarea where the kids could play while I looked at clothes! I wish all stores could have a play area like that! The kids favorite toys were these horses.

Cute Jordan

The boys and a friend found this table at the open gym and wanted to color of course! Some other kids had already colored all over the table just so you know, it wasn’t my kids!

Soap and Ripped Book

I forgot to write down two things the kids did yesterday. First I accidentally left the kids favorite book in Lionel’s bed at nap time. Later Nicci found it and brought it to me. Lionel had ripped out four pages and tore them to small pieces. I put it together again with some tape….but it looks awful.

Nicci and Lionel were down in the family room with a friend. A few times I just peeked around the corner to see what they were doing and everything seemed fine. Later when Eric went down he realized that the kids had emptied out half a soap dispenser onto the carpet, toys, dress up clothes etc. They had also poured some on the slide and then slid down on it. That explains why Lionel changed his pants earlier that afternoon. Crazy, crazy kids.

Weekend and Puppets

On Sunday we went to my in laws house. It was nice to be there but the kids were crazy! They didn’t get good naps that day so they were overtired and cranky and got into everything. We ate tacos and peach cobbler. It was sooo good!

Today we had joy school and Carrissa had prepared a fun lesson and activities. As a craft we made puppets and the kids really liked that.

Jordan playing with the girls

Kids dancing to music

Nicci and Lionel’s puppets.

Rain, Rain, Rain

I am so tired of rain! It’s been raining every day this week….So boring. I can’t wait for spring to come so that we can be outside more. We got a swing set for the kids, but we haven’t been able to put it up yet because of the rain. I know the kids will be so excited when they see it. We got some “new” furniture for our bedroom from a craigslist ad. We have decided to paint everything white. I am so excited because I love white furniture. We are also going to paint our bedroom at some point when we have time. I can’t wait to see the final result after everything is done.

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