"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Our Minivan!

Yesterday we bought a 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan! It has 7 seats. We have been looking online for a few weeks and yesterday we left the kids at my in laws house and went out to different car dealerships. It was a very tiring and frustrating process. We ended up coming home empty handed, picked up the kids and went to one last car place 20 minutes from where we live (actually one of the first dealerships we went to) and there we found one we had seen online! It was like 7.30 at night and I was chasing our tired kids around while Eric test drove it and filled out all the paperwork. I think I got the kids in bed at 10, way past their bedtime. They did great though and Nicci and Lionel are so excited about the new car. Nicci keeps saying, “I don’t like the black car, I like the new silver one.” She started crying on the way home last night because I drove them home in the old car and Eric drove the new one. She wanted to ride in it so bad. Eric just put the car seats in the van and drove the kids around the block. He said Nicci was so happy and said, “Now we have a big car like Sydney!” (One of Nicci’s little friends).  It feels so nice to have more room and the kids don’t have to all be squished together in the backseat. The car is in great condition and has a very low mileage(44,000) which is very nice.  Here are some pictures.

Merry Christmas!

We had a fun family party yesterday. We were about 50 people so my in laws house was full! It was fun to see everyone. As always we ate tons and tons of food and dessert. We also had a little music program where everyone that wanted could participate. The  little girls danced, someone played the piano and the guitar. I played violin, Carrissa played the piano and Mindy and Rebecca sang together.  It was fun. I miss playing together with other people so this was great! After everyone left we opened some gifts from my in laws and brother and sister in law. The kids were so happy! We got home around 8.30 and the kids were exhausted so we couldn’t ask them to open their Christmas eve gift and put them in their new pj’s. They are wearing them now instead. We are having a relaxing, wearing pj’s all day today. The kids loved opening all the gifts this morning. They were so happy and excited. Nicci kept saying, “I wanna open another one!” I think Nicci’s favorite gift is a really nice doll house that she got from her cousins with dolls and furniture. Thank you so much! The kids love their new toys, clothes and movies. They are taking a nap right now but soon they will be ready to play again! Thank you all so much! Thank you mom and dad and the rest of the family in Sweden! Thank you to all our family here in the States! We love you all!

Christmas Eve

Eric and the kids playing with lego at the party.

The little girls did a little dance and Nicci did not want to participate.

Playing and singing together

Nicci and her grandpa

The boys got trains, a train mat and a movie from grandma and grandpa

I tried to get a pic in front of the tree

Christmas morning

Lionel opening a gift

Nicci was overjoyed with the doll house

Getting more gifts from under the tree

Nicci practicing her ABC’s with her little laptop

Cute Jordan

Playing with the toy garage

Playing with the instruments they got from mormor and morfar!

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Today my little boy turned 1! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Jordan is such a happy and easygoing child. He is such a joy to have in our family. He had fun opening his presents and eating cake today. It’s so cute to hear both Nicci and Lionel sing Happy Birthday to him.  We love you Jordan!

Jordan looking at his new toys

The “Care bear” cake I worked hard on this afternoon. It took forever to decorate, but it was fun.

My little 1 year old

Singing Happy Birthday to Jordan

He had fun and made a mess!

He went straight to the bathtub after this.

Visit with Santa and Going on a Hayride!

Today the kids got to see Santa. Their facial expressions were so funny! Lionel looked scared but he was brave and sat on Santa’s lap with Nicci and Jordan. We also got to go on a hayride. The kids really liked it and Nicci got to pet one of the horses afterwards. We also couldn’t stop ourselves from going to the bakery and buying some delicious treats.


I love Lucia! This morning, the kids and I watched the Swedish Lucia celebration online. I also dressed Nicci up as Lucia, she was so excited!


Today I made lussekatter,  (Lucia buns). They turned out great and I ate too many! The only bad thing that happened was that I realized too late that I didn’t have any raisins at home….so I put some pearl sugar on some and chocolate chips in a few others instead haha.

Here is a cute video of Jordan walking again. The kids were playing hide and seek with Eric. In the beginning Nicci screams “Hide Daddyyyyyy!” Later she says, “Here I cooome!” Jordan is walking so much better now.

Our Gingerbread House!

Tonight we went to a work party with the company Eric works for and decorated gingerbread houses. The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun. They helped us put a lot of candies on the house. They had a little bit of a hard time trying to focus on the house instead of eating the candy at times though :). It was a really fun family activity!

My cute little boy

The boys are fighting over the cookies in the background.

Jordan made a mess eating cookies.

Finished house!

Two Pictures

On Sunday, Lionel woke up early from his nap. We took him out and put him on the couch with us and he fell asleep again.

Yesterday the kids had some friends over and we made sugar cookies. They kids had a lot of fun decorating them. They ate a lot of frosting. The cookies were yummy.

U.S Citizen

Yesterday I became a U.S citizen! In the morning I had an interview and they tested me to see that I can speak, read, and write English. I was also tested on American history and government. I answered all five questions right! The interview took only 15 minutes and it was easy! They had the oath ceremony at 12.30. We were 85 people from 25 different countries who became citizens. They showed us some video clips, talked a little bit about what rights and responsibilities we get and then we all had to stand up, raise our right hand and take the oath. Afterward everyone got to walk up on a stand and receive a certificate. Eric got some blurry pictures with his phone. It was a good day!

They said, “Beatrice Merrill from Sweden” before I walked up. They said everyones name and country. One other woman was from Sweden.

My certificate

Baking Cookies, Craft Shows, Zoolights!

We had a fun weekend. On Friday we had our ward Christmas party. We had a lot of food, dessert and almost everyone had written down on small pieces of papers different acts of service that they wanted to do for people in the ward. We got a dinner with a family in our ward and a note that said that one boy in our ward will come and play with the kids for 1-2 hours sometime soon. Very nice!

I took a picture like this but holding Lionel last year after our ward party. I remember being days away from having Jordan. This year Jordan is almost 1!!

Yesterday we went to my in laws house. My sister in law Jennifer and her kids came too. We decided to make three different kinds of cookies and some caramel. We made chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies and dream bars. After we made the cookie dough we had lunch. After lunch Tracey, Jennifer, Breanna and I went to two craft shows. One at a local church and one at a high school. They had so many cute and fun things there. Tracey won a prize and picked a very cute plate. We also had some yummy fries and soda.

When we came home we baked some cookies, ate dinner and got ready to go and see the Zoolights. We got there around 7 and didn’t leave until 9. We got the kids in bed at 10.30. They did great though, the whole time we were there.  It was amazing to see all the lights. It was beautiful! The kids got a glowing sword and a wand from their grandma. I’m so glad we went!

Some chocolate crinkles that we made.

Jordan all bundled up to go and see the zoolights. It was cold outside!


Waiting in line. The kids look tired already haha


Lionel’s glowing sword and Nicci’s wand.

Jordan wanted to be held for a little while

The Narrows bridge


Eric and me

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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