"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we had a family get together at Eric’s cousin Mindy’s house. We had a lot of yummy food and treats! We also went to a trunk or treat. The kids had so much fun and got tons of candy!! Halloween has been very fun this year.

All three kids ready!

At the trunk or treat

When we were done their buckets were so heavy it was hard for Lionel to carry it.

And a little late…the picture of us at the costume party. We won “best couples costume”!

Last Few Days…

I have been feeling a little tired and sick the last few days. I have had an annoying cough, headache and ache in my ear. I’m feeling a little better today. We went to music makers this morning and the kids had fun. Afterward I took them to the mall and let them play at the playground there.  On Monday we carved a pumpkin together and the kids say hi to the pumpkin every time we go inside. The kids have been playing more nicely with each other the last few days, (sometimes all they do is fight over toys all day long). It has been nice since I’m not feeling 100%.

Our pumpkin, the kids love it.

Playing doctor

Playing outside

Playing with the parachute at music makers

Jordan and me

A family in our ward gave us these toys. The kids were so happy!

Nicci with one of the new toys

This video is funny. Nicci is having fun, and Lionel is shy and refuses to participate. Cute little bear.

Another one. Lionel just wanted to stand there again. After this song all the kids got some pretzels and Lionel started to participate again.


This last weekend went by really fast! On Friday we went to South center mall in Tukwila and to IKEA.  At the mall I spent a lot of time at HM. I love that store! The kids got to play at the playground in the mall and they liked that. We had some yummy dinner at IKEA and dropped Nicci off at the “Småland” play-place they have there. She had so much fun! She loved it. I wished Lionel could have been there too, but the kids need to be 3 to be allowed to be there. At IKEA I bought a car mat for Lionel and a cute star lamp that I’m going to hang in the living room window for Christmas. I love it. We bought a few other things too. It was a fun day!

On Saturday we went to a few different stores in the morning. After lunch I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and bread. So yummy! In the afternoon I needed to finish mine and Eric’s costume because we were going to a costume party later that night. We went as Siamese twins and we won 1st prize for the ” Best couple’s” costume! I just sewed two T-shirts together. I don’t have a picture right now, Melanie took some at the party so I will post one after we get it. We left the kids with a babysitter and it was nice to go somewhere just the two of us.

On Sunday we drove to Eatonville to hear one of Eric’s cousins give his homecoming talk. He just returned from serving a 2 year LDS mission in Florida. He gave a very nice talk and the rest of the afternoon we spent chatting with family and eating yummy food and dessert. Nicci, Lionel and Jordan love to see their grandma and grandpa!

Today we had joy school and the kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes. They got to make hand print spiders and decorate cupcakes. Lionel wasn’t thrilled to wear his costume, the stubborn little boy. I kept distracting him and he ended up being fine.

The kids are also going to wear their costumes on Thursday for Music makers, then again on Saturday for a family get together at Mindy’s house, and then again later at our wards trunk or treat

A happy side note before the pictures. Jordan sleeps all night long now! He used to get up once every night to eat. All of a sudden one night he slept all night without waking up and now 1 1/2 week later he still does! Thank you Jordan!!!!!

Getting ready to go


Happy Pumpkin!

I laugh every time I see Lionel’s costume from behind!

Decorating cupcakes. My kids kept stealing all the m&m’s.

Pumpkin Cupcakes!

I’m a Faith in God leader for girls ages 8-11 in our ward. Last night we had a fun activity where we made cute pumpkin cupcakes. The kids just loved them. Nicci and Lionel really liked them too.

3 cupcakes that I brought home.

A few seconds later….Eric really liked his cupcake.

A Nice Weekend!

It’s been a nice and relaxing weekend. On Friday night we had a movie night with some friends at their house. We watched a movie upstairs and the kids watched one downstairs. The kids did great and let us watch the movie without too much interruption.  We ate some yummy pizza and cookies. We watched the movie “Leap Year”, it was a fun movie!  On Saturday we went shopping in the morning and later we did some housework, mowed the lawn and played outside with the kids. At night we watched a movie and relaxed.

Today I taught the lesson in Relief Society. After the kids naps we went on a walk and I took some cute pictures. I love fall. I love all the colors, the smell, cooler weather. It was kind of chilly outside so it was cute to see the kids wear their hats.

I can’t believe Jordan will be 10 months on Tuesday and Lionel will be 2 in just a few weeks. Crazy!

I have started to get together with 3 other moms every Monday for Joy school. We switch houses every week and everyone prepares a little lesson, activity and craft.  It’s been really fun and the kids love it. I think their favorite thing so far was when they got to paint with shaving cream.

Here are the pictures from today.

Jordan and me

Love Jordan’s smile.

Happy Lionel


The kids started to play with my hair


Nicci, Jordan, Lionel


has started to walk with the lion walker now. He is so cute and laughs and smiles while he walks. I have taken pics of all three kids walking with the Lion at 9 months.

Jordan 9 months

Lionel 9 months

Nicci 9 months

Curtains and Picnic Table

When I started to decorate my kitchen with fall decorations I decided I really wanted to make some cute curtains for the kitchen. I’m going to use them in October/November every year. I found some cute fabric at Joann’s that I really liked. I wanted it to go with our table cloth too. I feel a lot more comfortable sewing now.  Here is the result:

One thing I realized afterward was how the scarecrows are sideways, but its okay.

Eric found this kiddie picnic table on Craigslist for a cheap price so we got it. It can be used as a sand and water table too if we open up the table.

Happy Nicci

Lionel loves Tomas the Train so we got these pj’s for him!

The kids love the Halloween pictures in the windows

Date Night!

Last night we went to my in-laws house. They watched the kids for us, (Thank you!!) so that we could go out on a date.  We went and watched a movie together. It was really nice to be out just the two of us. I love my wonderful husband!! Afterwards we went back to my in-laws house and spent the night there. The kids did great and had a lot of fun. The next day they watched the kids again and we went to Gig Harbor and looked around. We also had some yummy pizza. The rest of the day we hung out with everyone at home. The kids got to see and play with some of their cousins and we had a lot of yummy things to eat. We were all so stuffed when it was time to go home. I love to spend time with family. The weather was so yucky today though….it rained the whole day.

One funny thing that happened tonight was that Lionel peed in the potty for the first time! Yay, go Lionel!  I can’t believe he will be 2 next month!

Lionel loved the lollipop he got from his grandma

Nicci was very happy too

Fun with Jordan. Derek in the background.

Corn Maze

Tonight we went to a corn maze with the kids. Nicci was happy to hold the flashlight but kept saying that we were lost and needed to find our way out. Luckily we did! 😉


With three pregnancies so close together my weight was not what it once was. I kind of accepted it and even gave away some clothes because I thought I would never fit into them again. I was WRONG! Now, nine months after I had Jordan, I am 3 lbs (1.3 kg) from my pre-pregnancy, pre-marriage weight! Wahoo!! After I had Jordan I kept buying new pants every three months or so, and as time went on they all got too big. Right now all my pants are too big. I need to go shopping again for some new pants or a belt!  All my walks with Cedar and the kids must have paid off!

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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