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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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4 Generations!

We took this cute pic today.

From right to left: Eric’s grandpa Louis, Eric’s dad Kevin, Eric, Lionel, Jordan

Puyallup Fair!

Today we went to the Puyallup fair for the third year in a row. A lot of family was there too. It was a rainy, yucky day…but we had fun. The kids did so good, a lot better than last year. We watched a street magician, looked at different animals, looked at different exhibits, ate some yummy fair food, and Nicci got to go on five different rides. I just loved the look on her face, she had so much fun! We were all really tired when we came home, but happy that we went.

Nicci and Shanna

Nicci and Sydney


Earlier this morning I looked through some of my pictures that I took in September last year. I found this one.

September 2009.

So I decided to take another one.

September 2010

The kids just love this playground. I almost had a heart attack there today because a bee kept following me around. It got tangled in my hair. The kids got scared when they saw me running down the road screaming and waving my arms. I hate bees!

Jordan had his 9 month check up yesterday. We found out that he has an ear infection…bleh. Besides that he is healthy and growing.


Weight: 20lbs 10 oz

Height: 27 3/4

I compared with last year when Lionel was 9 months and his stats were 20 lbs 15 oz and 28.5 inches.


On Saturday we went to uncle Kenny’s house for a barbecue. Eric’s grandpa Lou and his wife Bev are here to visit for 2 weeks. Eric’s uncle Roland and aunt Patti flew in from Colorado too. We had a fun family barbecue. The kids just played and we ate lots of food.We are getting together again on Thursday to go to the Puyallup Fair. I’m excited.

Grandpa and Bev with 3 of their great grand kids

One more post below.

Mother/Daughter Campout!

We had a fun weekend. On Friday our stake had a mother/daughter camp-out at a campsite an hour away called Zion’s camp. Nicci and I went with Carrissa and Shanna and Mindy, Gracie and Sydney. Oh and I had to bring Jordan too since he still gets up once every night to eat. Nicci was super excited and told Eric and Lionel over and over that she was going to go camping and they were going to stay home. It was so cute to hear her talk about how she was going to sleep in a different bed, and what she was going to do with her friends. Poor Lionel was so sad when we left. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t come too. Eric was nice and took him to McDonald’s for dinner so that he could play.When we got to the camp it started to rain and it continued to rain the whole time we were there. I had left Nicci’s rain coat at home so she was soaked when it was time for bed. Luckily I had her wear her rain boots. We ate some hot dogs, smores and other yummy things. The kids just played in the rain. They had a little fireside and we chatted with other moms and their kids. We slept in cabins that had lots of bunk beds in them. I was a little worried how Nicci was going be when it was time for bed. Nicci and Jordan fell asleep kind of quickly around 10 pm but it was still a long night…. I don’t think I fell asleep before 2 and Nicci kept making noises in her sleep that woke me up. She kept asking me to hold her hand too. It was cute though. Jordan must have known we were not home because he woke up more than normal. He woke up to eat around 3 and at 5 he started to move and make cooing noises like he does when he wants to get up for the day. I moved him over to my bed and I got him to fall back asleep and we slept until 7.30. It was a rough night and it had been raining all night too so the cabin felt really humid. The cabin where Mindy slept had a leak so a lot of their things got wet. Poor Sydney woke up soaked in her sleeping bag too. Let me just say that I was ready to go home to my own nice bed the next morning. Oh and I longed for a shower too. I’m still glad we went and Nicci had fun. I hope the weather will be nicer next year.

Nicci and Shanna eating

Playing in the rain

Jordan was up and happy way past his bedtime.

Nicci in her new sleeping bag

Desitin Baby…

When Nicci was younger she always tried to sneak away with the desitin tube. She wanted to “change” her Dolly’s diaper and put some cream on. She hasn’t touched the desitin for a long time so I stopped trying to hide it. Today Lionel and Nicci were inside Nicci’s room playing and I thought everything was fine. A few minutes later when I went to go and see what they were doing, I saw them outside the door and Nicci told me, “shhh don’t go in there, Dolly is sleeping.” “Okay,” I thought and we went and had dinner. Later tonight when it was time for bed I went in there and this is what I saw:

Trains, Trains, Trains!

We went to Port Orchard today. At one of their parks they have a little train that people can ride on for free two Saturdays a month. Lionel and Nicci loves trains, they were really excited. They kept talking about Tomas the train on the way there. When we got there Lionel was a little nervous, but he did fine once the train started to move. He looked so serious the whole time though, cute boy. Both Eric and I took turns and rode the train with them.

Nicci’s 3 Year Checkup!

Today Nicci had her 3 year checkup. She did great and is as healthy as can be. When the doctor looked at her chart she said, “Whoa she has grown a lot in 1 year!” She is a tall girl that’s for sure. She grew 6 inches last year. Her new stats are:

Weight: 39 lbs (95th percentile)

Height: 39 inches. (90th percentile)

Poor Nicci got one shot today. Right after the nurse gave her the shot, Nicci looked up at me and had this sad expression on her face and said, “Mommy, I hurt myself!!” It was too cute. Lionel refused to get out of the stroller and sat there as quiet as could be and seemed so scared that the doctor was going to want to examine him. Poor guy. In November it will be his turn.

Blackberry Festival!

I love labor day because Eric is home from work! We decided to go to the Bremerton Blackberry festival. We love blackberries and they had lots of yummy treats there. It was a little chilly outside but luckily it was not raining. We looked at different booths with arts and crafts, the kids got some balloons and we heard a choir sing.  Nicci brought some of her piggy bank money and decided she wanted to ride on a pony. She really liked it. She smiled every time she looked at us. We got to try some yummy salsa, blackberry soda and a blackberry slug. Yummy, yummy. We were going to watch a magician too but by that time Lionel was done and tired so we went home.


My cute little Nicci

Nicci’s flower

Lionel got a balloon too

Eating a blackberry slug

Nicci on the pony.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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