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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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My First Sewing Project!

Tracey and Kevin gave me a sewing machine a few months ago. I haven’t sewn for many, many years, not since 9th grade. I  knew I needed some help and direction from someone.  Carrissa has been so nice and helped me when I got stuck. It was a lot of fun and I love my sewing machine. I learned a lot! The aprons are not perfect but for a first project I think I did good. I’m excited to make other things in the near future.

A Fun Day at Long Lake!

Today we had a nice family picnic at Long Lake in Port Orchard. The day started out a little chilly but it got warmer after lunch. Tracey brought their kayaks and Eric and I went out kayaking on the lake while they watched the kids. It was a lot of fun! We stayed at the park for almost 6 hours but the day just flew by. The kids played and had fun the whole time we were there. We ate a lot of yummy food and treats. Cedar got to play in the water and this time Eric said Cedar walked in by himself. I just love sitting and chatting with family and eating food at the same time! The kids didn’t take naps at all and crashed in the car on the way home. Here are some pictures.

Nicci going down the slide.

Lionel was eating all day long

Tracey brought their cute puppy Mei Mei. She is such a cutie!

My 3-year old!

The kids had fun with water guns!

Jordan is handsome in sunglasses!

The water was warm and the kids had fun!

We didn’t get any pics of me and Eric in the kayaks but here are Tracey and Dustin in one kayak and Eric’s uncle Kenny and Destiny in the other.

Nicci and Shanna ate a lot of graham crackers! They are such good friends!

Kitsap Fair!

Today I went to the Kitsap fair with Carrissa and Mindy. The kids had fun!  First we went and looked at different animals. Nicci was a little scared of the big sheep but she liked all the other animals. Nicci got to ride a merry-go-round. It was so hot today so we were pretty warm while we were there. After lunch we went and looked at some arts and crafts. The kids got some balloons that two boys made into different figures.

Nicci really liked to go on the merry go round. She looked so happy the whole time! Lionel and Jordan were both sleeping in the stroller at that time. Poor guys were tired and warm. I watched them while Carrissa took Shanna and Nicci on the merry go round. I didn’t take too many pictures but here are the ones I took.

Nicci had the sun in her eyes.

The rest of the day we just relaxed at Mindy’s house while the kids played…It was a fun day!

Things From Our Garden!

Here are some pics from our garden. My parents gave us an apple tree and one black and one red currant bush for my birthday earlier this year. The berries have started to come now.

Yummy red currants. Thanks mom and dad!

Black currants

We have already harvested so many rhubarbs and we keep getting more! Love rhubarbs!

The kids and I pick blackberries every other day or so. Our garden has tons and tons! We can get a whole plastic bowl full in like 10 minutes.

The kids and I picked these earlier today. There were still other ones that could be picked. We will pick more tomorrow. Our freezer is getting full.

The kids love to eat blackberries. Lionel was sad when it was time to go inside.

I left the kids for a minute while I was on the phone tonight. This is what I came back to.

Jordan is SO cute! He is growing too fast.

Farmers Market!

Last Saturday we went to the Poulsbo farmers market. It was really nice there. Nicci got a horse painted on her hand and they got to sit on different tractors. Here are some pics.

Jordan is very busy crawling everywhere and trying to stand up holding onto things.

Jordan is 8 months today!!!!!!!!

Bye Bye Narcisse and Virginia!

It has been so nice to have my sweet sisters visiting for 4 weeks.  I miss them both very much. The kids miss them too and asks for them several times every day. We had a lot of fun together. I wish we could get together more often. Thanks for all the help with the kids!!  Virginia took a lot of pictures while she was here and she let me have them too. Here are some of many pictures we took.

Virginia and Lionel

Me and Jordan

Virginia and Jordan

Picking blackberries in our garden


I love this pic!

Virginia and the gang

Nicci in her little floatie boat aunt Marilyn got her.

Family pic

At point no point beach

Playing at the beach

Lighthouse at point no point

Goodnight hug one night

Nicolina is 3!

We had a really fun weekend! Nicci’s birthday was on Friday but we decided to celebrate it Saturday instead since my sister and her family came to visit for the weekend. I loved having 3 of my sisters here.  The kids had a lot of fun together. On Friday we went to the Bainbridge Island Aquatic center. The kids really like it there. On Saturday morning we went to downtown Poulsbo. We went to the Marine Science center and also ate some yummy treats from a bakery there. Later at night after her birthday party we went down to our community beach. The kids love to throw rocks in the water.  Nicci was so excited when she got all her gifts in the morning. She was also so happy that her grandpa and Breanna came in the afternoon. She got to talk to her aunt Marilyn on the phone and her mormor in Sweden. Her grandma Tracey called and sang Happy Birthday too.  Thank you everyone for making her day so wonderful! The cake was so yummy!! Nicci looked so happy. Later the same night when Eric put her to bed she asked him, “Daddy, tomorrow morning you bring presents to my bed again please?”  Ha ha she is so cute! I can’t believe she is 3!!

Nicci opening her presents in the morning

Jordan liked the balloon

Playing with Play Doh.

Before we ordered the cake from DQ we asked her what she wanted on it. “A princess and a horse” she said.

Lionel was patiently waiting for the cake

Nicci is ready to blow out the candles.

Nicci, Lionel and Cami had fun!

Nicci got some beads to make necklaces with from my sister and her family. Today we made a necklace together. She did such a great job putting the beads on.

Bainbridge Island Kids Discovery Museum!

Today we went to a Kids Discovery Museum. It was so nice there! They had just moved the museum to a new location and remodeled it.  It’s free to go every first Thursday of the month so there were a lot of people there. The kids had a lot of fun. Nicci’s favorite thing was playing in the little “grocery store.” Jordan played in the little toddler area and kept going after this particular ball that he really liked. I got a cute video of it.

Nicci and Lionel in the “hospital room”

Nicci playing with a mouth

Nicci driving the car

Playing with dump trucks

In the grocery store

Jordan with his ball

In the bank


The kids got to see some of their cousins this weekend. They came on Saturday afternoon, stayed the night and went to church with us the next day. I love it that my kids have cousins that live close by.

Lionel doesn’t look very happy here, but he LOVES Narcisse.

In the mornings he climbs up in her bed and sits beside her. So cute.

Nicci is obsessed with trains right now.

Movie night with popcorn. Nicci, Jordan and Derek.

Eating yummy popcorn. Dustin, Nicci, Lionel, Narcisse

My cute boys ready for church

Jordan is moving all over the place now.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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