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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Bremerton Fountain Park!

Yesterday it was a nice day so we went to the Bremerton Fountain Park. We also saw the ferry come and leave. When we were done we went to McDonald’s and the kids played there for a long time.

Narcisse and Jordan

Cute Lionel

Eric took this pic of Jordan…haha he looks so funny

Eric took this pic of me

Nicci ran around everywhere

Lionel liked the boats

My Cute Little Boys!

Look at my sweet little boys.  Narcisse bought these cute shirts for them. Soo cute!

Another nice thing…We took the pacifier away from Lionel 3 days ago and now he doesn’t need it anymore! The first night was pretty rough…he cried for almost an hour and he cried the next day when it was time for his nap. After that he was completely fine!! I’m so happy we did it.

Nicci talks about her birthday (August 6th) a lot. Almost every morning she asks me if its her birthday. She also tells me she wants a Barbie, a cake, balloons, and candles. She makes sure that I know that she will blow out the candles and not Lionel….. She tells me she wants us to sing Happy Birthday to her…It’s just so much fun now when she is older and understands more and can tell us what she wants.

Jordan is so close to crawling now…soon he will be crawling all over the house!

Buck Lake and Point No Point Beach!

Yesterday we had a ward picnic at a beautiful place called Buck Lake. The weather was so nice and it was a lot of fun to watch the kids play in the water. Cedar came along too and Eric let him swim in the water. My sister Narcisse is here visiting for 3 weeks and its so nice to have her here.  Here are some pictures…

Narcisse and Jordan

Eric and the kids in the water

Cedar in the water

Nicci playing

Cedar again

We put a life jacket on Nicci and some kids took Eric and Nicci out in the canoe. Nicci didn’t really like it.

Happy to be going back to the shore.

After we left Buck lake we stopped by Point No Point Beach. It was beautiful there. We are definitely coming back some other time.

They have a cute light house there.

Nicci liked the beach

I loved the view.

Jordan and me

Our Trip to Oregon!

We went to Oregon this past weekend to visit my sister and her family. Two of my younger sisters came from Sweden. Narcisse is staying with us right now and Virginia with my sister. We will make a swap on Nicci’s birthday and then they will go home on August 18th. It’s so nice to have them here and the kids love it. We had a fun weekend. It was fun for the kids to see their cousins. We went to an International rose garden and the kids got to play a lot both at home and at different parks. We also went and saw the Portland temple. It’s beautiful. I love getting together with family. Here are some pics.

Nicci and Cami playing

Me at the rose garden

My sisters Virginia and Narcisse


Portland, OR temple

Attempting to take a family pic

Gabriel and Jordan

Nicci and Cami watching a Barbie movie

Gabriel, Cami, Nicci, Lionel and Jordan

Playing in the Pool!

It was 85 degrees outside today!! So hot! This is how the kids spent their afternoon. We bought them a pool with a slide. They love it!


Eric had work off today. He did some yard work in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Kingston. It’s such a cute little town. The kids got to see the Kingston- Edmonds ferry come and leave and they really liked that.

Independence Day!

Happy Independence day! We went to a big family party yesterday. It was a fun day! We ate ALL day long. I was so full!!! It was so yummy though. We had hamburgers, chicken, salads, jello, chips, smores, ice cream, hot dogs and lots, lots more! I made a jello salad that looked like the American flag because it was decorated with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was very cute. The kids ran around and played all day, some people played volley ball and we relaxed and hung out in the sun. We also saw some awesome fireworks. We kept the kids up later than normal and eventually they begged us to put them to bed. We stayed the night and came home earlier today.

Nicci and Jordan



Dane tried to get Molly to like Cedar

Kids eating food

Kids playing

Lionel on a horse

Playing volley ball

Jordan with grandma

My cute boy

Love this pic

On the trampoline



Jordan and me

I decided to dress Jordan in the same clothes Lionel wore last year and kind of recreate some pictures to compare both of them. Cuties.

Lionel July 2009 Jordan July 2010
Lionel July 2009 Jordan July 2010


is trying so hard to learn how to crawl!!!

Poulsbo Marine Science Center

The Poulsbo Marine Science Center is open to the public for free every Thursday-Sunday. I have been wanting to go for a while and finally decided to take the kid there today. They were so nice there. They let the kids touch star fish, crabs and many other things. Nicci had a lot of fun looking at all the fish and weird looking plants. They also had a room with different activities for the kids. Nicci got so excited when she found a “Nemo” fish in one of the rooms. We are definitly going to come back some other time! Here are some pics.

Nicci liked the starfish

The whole gang


Weird looking thing

Playing with plastic animals

Jordan was happy

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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