"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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My Kids at 6 Months

Today Jordan had his 6 month check up. He is a healthy little boy. I thought it would be fun to see what all three kids looked like at 6 months.


6 month check up

20 lbs 9 oz

27.5 inches


6 month check up

17 lbs 14 oz

26 3/4


6 month check up

19 lbs

27 inches


Today we celebrated midsummer. My Swedish neighbor invited us over for a midsummer party. She is so sweet. There were lots of yummy traditional Swedish food and dessert. We made flower wreaths and the kids ran around and played. It was nice to meet some other Swedish people. My neighbor had made a cute little may pole in her backyard.  After the party we headed downtown and watched people dance around the may pole. They also had a nice, big bonfire. It was fun to hear and recognize a lot of the songs they played. Nicci really liked it and started to cry when it was time to leave. It was a fun day!

Nicci and me

Cute Nicci

Nicci and Lionel

Lionel wanted to wear the wreath too

Making flower wreaths

Nicci with the Swedish flag

Jordan took a long nap and this is how happy he was when he woke up

Eating food

Cute Jordan

downtown poulsbo

Cedar had fun

Cute little boy


Library and Lunch at the Park

We had another beautiful day today. I took the kids to story time at the library in the morning. We signed up for a reading challenge. If I read to them for 15 minutes every day until August they get a free book and a ticket to the Kitsap fair. We are definitely going to do it! After that we picked up Eric at work and drove to a nearby park and ate some lunch. The kids played at the park for a while and then we drove home after dropping Eric off at work. Tonight we took Cedar to the dog park for the first time and he loved it! He was so happy and excited to get to play with other dogs. I love summer!

Lionel is ready to go to the park

Nicci likes juice


The weather was beautiful today! We went to a park and had a picnic. The kids had a lot of fun and took long naps afterward.

A Trip to the Farm

Last Friday I took the kids to a farm in Silverdale. The kids got to see some goats, llamas, sheep and chickens.  When I asked Nicci on the way home if she liked the chickens she replied, “No they stink!”  Hahaha. We went on a tour around the farm and the kids got to see different plants and walk through a green house. At the end the kids got to plant a sunflower seed. Nicci has been very good at watering her plant. Here are a few pics.

Nicci planting her seed

My cute little boys

Nicci and Shanna

Jordan is 6 months!

It’s hard to believe that I had Jordan 6 months ago. The time is going so fast! He is such a happy and easygoing baby. He is doing great at eating solids and drinking from a sippy cup. He is getting better and better at sitting up by himself. We love him SO much!

Date, Sun, Graduation party!

This weekend has been so sunny and nice! On Friday we got a babysitter to watch Nicci and Lionel. Eric took me out on a date. We went to a yummy pizza place in downtown Poulsbo.  After that we walked around and just talked. It was so nice to do something together.Here are some pictures from Friday night.

Eric’s cousin Hannah graduated from high school yesterday. We went to her graduation party and it was a lot of fun. I love getting together with family. The kids had a blast all day. Lionel only got a 15 minute nap on our way there but he was super happy all day long. They love to play with their little friends. After the graduation party we headed over to Corey and Jennifer’s house. We enjoyed a very yummy meal and sat around and talked while the kids played. Later it was time to go home and the kids were SO tired. All three kids fell asleep within minutes.

All three kids swinging

The kids loved the trampoline

Nicci rode on Derek’s tricycle

The kids fell asleep watching Barbie of Swan Lake hahaha

I also have two videos.

Nicci is getting so good at riding on a tricycle

Nicci and Lionel on the trampoline


Nicci is changing so much. I can’t believe my little girl will be 3 in August. It’s so fun to watch her lean new things. I love it that she can sit down and focus on things a lot longer than before. I love to talk to her and have conversations with her. The other day I told her that my foot hurt. She then replied, ” We go to Walmart and buy a new foot mommy?” Hahaha so funny. We love to stand outside  her bedroom door at night and listen to her talk to herself and her dolls. I love it that she recognizes her surroundings and knows when we are on our way to the store, the drs office, the library or the park. I don’t need to tell her where we are going. She will watch for things in the car window and then tell me where we are going. One time I got lost when we were going to a friend’s house for the first time.Nicci was so concerned and told me over and over again, “Mommy went the wrong way.”  She is talking up a storm. Her new favorite thing to say is “Why?” She asks us “Why” almost every time we tell her something. She is growing up so fast.

Nicci’s New Haircut!

Here are some before and after pictures. We are very happy and Nicci loves her new haircut. Her hair looks so much thicker.



Medieval Festival

Today we went to a cute little town called Port Gamble. Its about 12-15 minutes from where we live.  They had a Medieval festival there. Lots of people had dressed up and they had different booths with things that you could look at. They had different tournaments and anyone that wanted could try to shoot with a bow and arrow among other things. Everything was on the grass and it was so muddy! We were all so dirty when we came home. It was also hard to push strollers on very wet and muddy grass. It was a nice day though. The kids made necklaces and we ate lunch in the sun. When we came home the kids took naps and later we went to Silverdale. Nicci got a haircut and we went to McDonald’s and then later to Costco. It was a busy day. I will post pics of Nicci’s haircut another day. Here are some pics from today.

Making a necklace

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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