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4 Month Checkup!


Height: 26 inches (75th percentile).

Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz (75th percentile).

All is well with our little boy!

Haircut and a Nice Day With Family

Lionel’s hair grows so fast! Last night Eric gave him a haircut. Lionel did not like having his hair cut. The rest of the night he freaked out whenever one of us said the word hair in a sentence. Ha ha, he thought we were going to cut it again. He looks so cute though.

Today we spent the day at my in-laws. Eric’s brother Corey and family came too. It was a nice day. Nicci found a little bike in her grandpa’s garage that she loved. We always get tons of good food whenever we go over there and I’m always stuffed when we come home. Nicci played outside with her cousins for a long time!

Tomorrow is Jordan’s 4 month check up. I’m not looking forward seeing him get shots….poor little guy. He is teething already, and I can see his first two teeth under his gum. He is growing up so fast. Nicci and Lionel were both over 6 months when they got their first tooth…funny how kids are so different.

Nicci has started to say “I love you.” It’s so cute when she comes up and says, “Mommy, I love you.”

Lionel’s new favorite word is “No.” He says no to everything even when he means yes…silly guy.

Here are some pictures. (Remember you can always click on them to make them bigger).



From today:

Projects Around the House

We have been pretty busy the last few weeks. We have been doing a lot to the house. We ripped out the old carpet downstairs and ordered a new one. We got new lights in the dining room, entry way, halls, and bedrooms. We got a nice ceiling fan in our bedroom. We painted the family room and got “new” end tables, (from craigslist). On Friday we got a cute decorative lamp that we put on the end table. Things are looking so nice. Eric’s dad was here yesterday and helped us install some recessed lights downstairs. It looks awesome! It’s very exciting because we can dim the lights if we want to in order to set the perfect movie-watching mood.  Of course, the surround sound helps.  I promise I will post before and after pics when we are done.

I’m so grateful for all Eric does. He works so hard!

The carpet installers came on Friday to install the carpet. It was a pretty busy day for me.  Still, I noticed that it didn’t quite look the same as the sample we had, but I figured it was just because there was so much more of it.  Later, Eric also pointed out that it seemed more brown then we thought it was going to be.  So we found the sample and compared the two.  Definitely NOT the same color.  Not a whole lot different but it definitely doesn’t have any yellow in it so as to tie it to the walls better.  So Eric called the carpet sales people to find out what could be done.  They said they were willing to fix it but I’d need to talk with our sales guy who will be back Monday.  We really hope they will just give us a significant discount.  Yes it’s not what we wanted but it’s close.  We’d feel bad if they had to waste that much carpet for a minor difference.

We finally got the boy’s names up on the wall. I think it looks so cute. We also put a box type shelf up in Nicci’s room. One shelf is still empty and we are going to put a picture of her on there.

We took a walk earlier and here are some cute pics. The weather was so nice.

The kids always, ALWAYS run up to the road when we go outside. I need a fence now! 🙂

Eric picked a flower and put it in Nicci’s hair.

And one last pic of Jordan!


One thing I love about babies is how excited they get when they see their mom or dad.  Jordan smiles and coos so much now. It’s so fun. Every time I look at him he gives me this huge smile and it melts my heart.

My New Haircut!

I got a haircut last week!  My hair has been feeling kind of boring to me for some time. I have pretty much always looked the same!  It was too long and always in the way when I was playing or doing things with the kids. I always kept it up in a pony tail and never really liked the way I looked. So I went to get it cut and there were a few times I was like whoa it’s getting so short, but I loved  the haircut at the end. I was a little shocked to see all the hair below me on the floor when I was done. It was soo much! But anyways, my haircut is so nice! It’s easier to manage and it’s a lot lighter than before. I can have my hair down without it being in the way. Here are before and after pics.




rolled over from back to belly 2 days ago! He is getting so big!

Our Easter!

We had a fun Easter. We had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids on Saturday. They enjoyed eating candy and other yummy things at Eric’s uncle’s house. One of my favorite things we ate was a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie that aunt Denis made. I loved it. I wanna harvest some of my rhubarbs and make a pie too.  Nicci got a little medical kit from the Easter bunny and she loves to play with it. She walks around and wants to give everyone shots. Lionel loves baths so he got a fun bath toy. It was so fun to hear Nicci talk about the Easter bunny. She understands so much more compared to last year.  I’m kind of tired of candy now. Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist!! Aaaah, I haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. . Today I watched my sister-in-laws kids. Nicci loves it when they come over. She had a lot of fun. I love it that we live close to Eric’s family and relatives. Here are some pictures.

Holding hands

Pics from today:

Lionel and Chrissy

Jordan loves to play with toys.

Maddie and Nicci

Some Pics and Videos

It’s raining like crazy today. We took a trip to WalMart in the morning and got soaked while we walked back to the car. The kids have been playing nicely after lunch so I got three videos of them. I also have some pics from a few days ago. The kids are crazy as usual and comes up with new mischief every day. A couple of days ago both Nicci and Li Li decided it would be fun to throw small rocks at our car when we were outside. Lionel doesn’t care that we have a big backyard, all he wants to do is run up to the road where the cars are. (We live on a pretty calm street and not very many cars are around but it’s still scary). Hopefully we can get our fence soon.

The other day I thought it was a little bit “too quiet.” I went into Li Li’s room and Nicci and Lionel had found some baby lotion and rubbed it all over themselves. I should have taken a picture. They keep me busy for sure.

Here are the pics and the videos.

Nicci found my backpack and ran and put my old tennis shoes on. She told me she was going to work. (Eric always brings a backpack to work.) So cute!

The kids are out on a walk with me.

When Nicci gets tired of walking she sits down on the black front part of the stroller.

I have started to put Jordan in his high chair sometimes. He really likes it.

Nicci’s doll is going potty. I had a hard time not laughing. She is so funny.

I know I sound silly when I talk to Jordan but I can’t help myself. I was trying to get him to smile. And I know our kitchen floor is hideous! We are getting new hard wood floors soon!!!

The Kids just Loooove bagels….Here they are waiting for some.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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