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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Lionel vs Jordan

I don’t know why but I think its so fun to compare how Lionel looked when he was Jordan’s age. I never realized until now how big Li Li’s cheeks really were…holy moly…People always told me they were huge but wow…never really saw it until now. My cute boys.

The Kids Rooms

Ever since we moved to our house I have been so excited to decorate their rooms. I think both of them turned out really cute. I love the bright colors! I can’t wait to put Jordan in the same room as Lionel. I still need to put up the boys’ names on the wall. I need to buy some wooden letters, paint them and put them up! We also need to put trim in the boys rooms. The kids love their rooms.  Here are the pics.

Our Aquarium

The kids love to watch the fish swim around in our aquarium. I have been kind of lazy to clean it recently so it was pretty nasty. This weekend I finally cleaned it and I think it looks so much better.

A Trip to the Playground!

It was so beautiful and warm outside today so we took the kids to a playground close by where we live. They had a lot of fun. Lionel was wearing one of his baseball hats and he looked so cute. We also walked around and Nicci really liked all the daffodils and other flowers that we saw. Jordan really likes to be outside and was looking around at  everything.

I can’t believe that Jordan is 3 months. The first 3 months are always the hardest and we made it!! He is a pretty good sleeper and wakes up once or twice every night to eat and falls right back asleep when he is done. He is starting to be able to go a little longer between feedings during the day and it’s so nice. Before it used to be every 2 hours but now its every 3 hours most of the time. Nicci and Lionel love him and wants to hold him a lot.

We have started to do small projects around the house again. Last week we painted the boys room blue and today we also put up some cute curtains. I’m waiting for some wall decorations to come and when they are up I will take some pics of their room. We are going to paint our family room and get new carpet. We got some new lights in the kitchen, hall and all the bedrooms. We can’t wait to get hardwood floors in the living room.

The kids are growing so fast and things are getting a lot easier now when Jordan is a little older and has started to get some routines. I’m not really worried anymore to take all three of them with me somewhere by myself. Jordan is such a calm baby and our easiest one so far. He does great when we are out and about now.

He loves his swing and I don’t know what we would do without it. He also likes to sit in his bouncer and watch me do things in the kitchen.

I have a new nephew. My sister had a baby on the 18th and his name is Gabriel. He is so cute! We can’t wait to see him. I can’t wait for them to move to Portland and be closer to us.

Here are the pictures.

My Little Jordan…

…is getting so big…  He is such a good baby and we love him so much! He will be 3 months on Friday.


Here are two pictures of Nicci and Lionel playing with toys in the sandbox.

Also, Lionel has started to say a lot of words. Here is a list of words he says so far:

Mommy, daddy, milk, nicci, li li, tray, no, food, paci, baby, hug, hi, bye, shoe, waff waff (for dog). He doesn’t pronounce them all correctly, but we can tell what he tries to say.

Pics and conversations with Nicci

I tried to take some pics of the kids this morning. It was kind of hard since they move all the time. I posted them below.

Nicci is so funny. She has been talking a lot about poop recently. Today when we were in the car on our way to the library we had a truck in front of us that stunk really bad. Nicci then said,

“Mommy, truck stinks.”

Me: “Yeah it does.”

Nicci: “Truck pooped huh mommy?.”

Another day I was changing Lione’s messy diaper.(I know this is gross but it was funny).

Nicci: “uuu it stinks! Poop is yucky!”

Me: “Yeah, its pretty yucky huh…”

Nicci: “I don’t like to eat poop.”

Ha ha she seriously cracks me up with all the random things she says. I should try to write down some of the funny things she says and post on here.

Another fun thing she does is sing Happy Birthday to the table, counter, her doll and other things.

She has been potty trained for 6 months this month!! Yay for Nicci!

Anyways, here are the pics.

Lionel vs Jordan

Sick Kids…

Nicci got sick on Saturday. A few days later Lionel got sick too. Now they both have fevers, pink eye and a bad cough. Nicci has a mild ear infection too. My poor little babies….they just wanna lay on the couch. It’s so weird since they usually have so much energy. I have been able to read the whole Harry Potter 7 book while they have been sick. I love that book!!! I hope they get better soon. I hope Jordan doesn’t catch this illness. He is such a good boy. He has started to coo and make funny noises. Whenever he sees my face he just stares at me and then smiles really big. He is sleeping so well for being 2 months. For a couple of night he has only woken up once closer to the early morning. It’s been so nice. We bought a lawn mower on Saturday and Eric mowed our lawn yesterday. It started to look like a jungle out there and now it looks so nice! Eric’s brother Corey and his family just moved here from Texas and they arrived today. We can’t wait to see them. Here are two recent pictures and two videos from before the kids got sick.

This is Lionel’s new obsession. He just has to pull out a chair and climb up on the kitchen table. He is so fast!

Two videos.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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