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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Music Makers

I take the kids to an activity called music makers every Thursday. They really like it. Today all the kids dressed up in their Halloween outfits. Nicci was a little pirate princess and Lionel a pumpkin. Nicci didn’t want to wear her hat though. When we got to the activity Nicci got really shy when she saw the other children dressed up. It took a while before she warmed up. We had a good time and at the end all the kids got a cupcake. Here are some pictures.

Funny Nicci!

Nicci is funny, I often have to tell her not to be too rough
or push me in the belly because of the baby. Now she believes she has a baby in
her tummy too. This is what happened earlier this morning,

Lionel tripped and kind of pushed Nicci in the belly while
he was trying to keep standing.

Nicci then said with a mad voice: “Why, Why!! (Li Li) not
push me! Baby in here!” She pointed to her belly while she gave me a worried

I just had to laugh

Lionel fell when he was chasing Nicci around.

View from our street, I just love it!

Fun Weekend!

We had a nice and fun weekend. On Friday night we took the kids to an aquatic center close to where we live. They both loved it! Nicci did not want to get out of the water when it was time to get ready to go home. Lionel had a big smile on his face the whole night. I didn’t get any pictures but I’m really glad we went.

On Saturday we went to Eric’s dad’s house. The kids had fun playing with their cousins. Eric’s sister Cassie’s dog had puppies at the end of September and they were SO cute! I held two of them and my heart just melted. They are a mix between papillion and schnauzer. Nicci wanted to hold the puppies too and she held them so carefully and felt their soft fur. We enjoyed a nice dinner and some yummy peach cobbler before we went home. Nicci talked about the puppies the whole way home. Again…I didn’t take any pictures, shame on me.

Nicci is in a “I want to do it myself” stage right now. It’s fine..I mean it’s a good thing that she wants to dress herself, put her shoes on, brush her teeth, make her bed, do her hair, open and shut the car door, buckle herself into her car seat, cut her own food, do everything completely by herself when she goes potty and so on. But it’s hard when I have to be somewhere a specific time and I am very stressed and really need to hurry. That’s when I just wished she wouldn’t melt down and throw a tantrum if I helped her a little bit. I just had to learn to start to ask her to get ready a lot earlier than I used to. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up!

Lionel will be 1 sooo soon, I can’t believe it!

Nicci loves to paint and color. Here she is doing some water coloring.

I love to sit in front of the pellet stove….it’s sooo warm and nice!

Nicci is potty trained!

We started to potty train Nicci on Monday last week. She is
doing so well. She learned so quickly. She has even gone a couple of times
without telling us and when we find her on the potty she looks so proud. She is
so good at telling us when she has to go. The first week I kept asking her if
she had to go but this past week I have been able to relax and trust her more. I was
a little worried about taking her out in public, but Nicci has no problems with
public restrooms. I think she thinks it’s kind of exciting. It’s so nice that
we only have one child with diapers now. I was so scared to start potty
training her but I’m so glad we did. Nicci loves her new big girl underwear. We
are so proud of her! Here are some recent pics:

Nicci loves to blow bubbles in her milk

Nicci and Lionel

Nicci loves to dance with Lionel

My belly at 31 weeks

Lionel loves to play with the phone. He makes the funniest noises.

Eric and Nicci eating breakfast together this morning.

Nicci and Lionel all dressed up

“New” Stroller!

So…we already have a double jogging stroller and the kids love it. But for a long time I have been wanting a double stroller that I will be able to snap a car seat into. It will be very convenient when the baby comes and falls asleep in the car seat if we are out and about. The jogging stroller is also hard to go shopping with because its so wide. I have been looking at Craigslist for a while and found this stroller for a good price. We got it today and the kids love it. They are used to sitting beside each other in the jogging stroller. For some reason they both thought this new stroller was hilarious. Nicci kept looking back at Lionel and Lionel was laughing so hard. Cute kids. Anyways, here is the stroller. We have 4 strollers now, I know, crazy! I will keep this stroller in the car and use it when I’m in the mall or other places and use my jogging stroller for walks.

Our Tired, Little Nicci!

Our church starts at 1pm in the afternoon and it has been kind of hard for Nicci. When we come home sometime after 4 pm its too late for her to take a nap, so she is often very tired and cranky on Sunday nights. Today around 5.30 pm she was sitting on the couch with a blanket and one of her library books while Eric and I were busy doing other things around the house. After a couple of minutes Eric came and got me and told me I had to come and see something. This is what we saw:

I thought it was so funny that she had fallen asleep on the couch reading her book up side down!

In the Bathtub!

Random Things

Things are good. This pregnancy is going so fast! It’s probably because I’m busy at home with two little ones. I am a lot busier now than I was when Lionel was younger and just sat there on the floor. Since he started walking both kids just get into everything and they keep me busy for sure. Both Nicci and Lionel started walking at 10 months, crazy! Lionel looks so little and his feet are tiny. I can’t believe he can walk!

We got a fridge lock for our fridge and it has been so nice! I can finally be in another room and not have to worry about Nicci getting into the fridge. Lionel is getting tired of formula. It’s so hard to get him to drink any of it. He also eats whatever food we eat all the time now. He is growing up… Tomorrow he will be 11 months. Only one more month until 1, holy cow! It feels like he was just born.

About the baby….This baby moves more than Nicci and Lionel ever did when I was pregnant with them. He is constantly moving, especially during the night. This pregnancy I have had so many weird dreams. Every morning I wake up exhausted after all the weird things I have dreamt about.

When I was pregnant with Nicci and Lionel, I could really feel tired during the day. Now I’m constantly on the go with the kids so I don’t have time to sit down and feel tired. I can’t take naps during the day either since one of the kids is always up. In stead at 8pm when both kids are sleeping I just crash on the couch and can really feel how tired I am. That’s one reason why I go to bed at 10. I can’t wait to meet this little baby. I love him so much. I can’t wait to get to know him.

Here is a funny picture of Lionel. We had an empty diaper box and he took it and placed it in front of the pellet stove. Then he climbed up on it and was so happy about what he had accomplished! Our pellet stove is so nice. I love to sit in front of it and feel the warmth! It will be so nice this winter.

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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