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Some Fun Things About the Kids!

So I thought I should write a little update about the kids.

Nicci is full of energy from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. She has started to talk much more; it’s amazing and so much fun to listen to her. Eric has been using his measuring tape a lot lately and sometimes he has asked me to help him hold it. Earlier tonight Nicci was in her room with Lionel and she had gotten a hold of the measuring tape. I was watching them from the door and I saw that she was trying to get Lionel to hold the measuring tape while she was saying, “Li, Li Help hold it to me.” She copies everything we say. After dinner tonight she asked me if she could “Help with dishes.” It’s so cute to hear her put words together and try to communicate.

She has started to talk or sing herself to sleep. She just lays there for sometimes more than 20 minutes and just talks and talks. Yesterday she was singing some of her friends’ names while we were driving in the car. She loves to help us with things.

She is very protective of Lionel. We have stairs now and she is always standing beside me when I close the baby gate at the top of the stairs to make sure Lionel doesn’t fall down. She looks very concerned and says “Li Li fall down stairs, hurt, owie.” Nicci fell down the stairs once and I think that’s why she is trying to make sure Lionel doesn’t.

She loves to get Lionel clothes in the morning and pj’s at night. She loves to feed him food and help him drink water from his sippy cup. She loves to dance and listen to stories. One of her favorites that we got from the library was called, “Baby Happy, Baby Sad.” I don’t know how many times I read it while we had it. She got very concerned every time the baby was sad in the story.

She absolutely adores her dad. “Daddy work?” is the first thing she asks me in the morning. She gets so excited when he gets home. Nicci loves to play with barbies. She likes to undress them and I help to dress them. She loves to brush their hair and pretend to give them food.

Nicci loves to color in her coloring book, play with play dough and play with stickers.

Now to Lionel.

Lionel loves food. He eats everything we give him.

Lionel has started to take 2 naps now and both kids go to bed around 7.30-8 pm. It’s really nice to have some alone time at night. I have started to do digital scrapbooking and it’s keeping me busy.

Lionel tries to walk all the time. At most he has taken like 6 steps. He is so cute. He loves and adores Nicci so much. I love to hear them play and laugh together. They have this game when Lionel hides in Nicci’s closet and then when Nicci opens the closet door Lionel just goes crazy and starts to laugh. Lionel loves to take baths. He could sit in the tub for more than an hour if we let him.

Lionel loves to be outside and he gets so happy every time I take them on a walk in the stroller. He is still very shy towards new people but he is getting better.

He loves to climb up the stairs. If I try to carry him up from downstairs he gets so mad and tries to get down. So I always let him crawl up the stairs.

I can’t believe he is going to be 1 in just a little over a month. Time goes so fast!

Both kids love to play with blocks. Their favorite thing is when I build them a tower that they can destroy.

I love my kids so much! I love to spend time with them.

Now to some pictures; we went to the Puyallup fair yesterday. It was a lot of fun but very exhausting. It was such a hot day.

Lionel Loves Lasagna!

This little guy LOVES solid food. He will eat anything we give him.
He went straight to the bathtub after this dinner.

Fun at the Playground!

We live really close to a playground that’s down by a beach. The kids love it when I take them there. Today Nicci insisted on taking her little purse with her. Here are some pictures from earlier today.

A Little Update

Life is good. The kids are growing like crazy. Lionel took 4 steps 2 days ago. He is going to be walking soon. He now has 4 teeth. Two on the bottom and two on top. My pregnancy is going  well. The baby is kicking and moving a ton. I have an Ob appointment on Thursday and they are going to test me for gestational diabetes. I didn’t have it with either of the kids so I’m not worried. We are very busy doing things around the house. Here are some recent pictures of the kids.

Baby Pictures!

We moved into our house! We really love it here. The kids have adjusted well. All the neighbors are so nice and friendly. One of our next door neighbors is Swedish! She has lived in the states for about 20 years. It’s nice to have someone close by that I can speak Swedish with. I haven’t taken any pics of the house yet. Things have just been a little crazy. Today I had an ultrasound. The doctor told me a few weeks ago that they wanted to do another one because when we had our 20 week ultrasound the baby was in a weird position and they didn’t get enough pictures of the spine. I went back today and everything looked great! The baby was so cute!

Our cute little baby!

Little hand

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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