"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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We had a fun thanksgiving! Here are some pictures.
Nicci was having a lot of fun. She was very social and played with almost everyone at the party.

Lionel was sleeping

Eric and me

Some Pictures

We are going to Oregon for Thanksgiving. I think it will be
a lot of fun.  I love Thanksgiving and
Christmas.  I can’t wait to start
decorating our home.  Anyways, here are some recent pictures.

This is Nicci eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For
some reason she always wants to tear the sandwich apart and make a mess! 

This is Nicci “straightening” her hair. She copies
everything I do.

And a couple of pictures of Lionel.

Funny Nicci!

Nicci has started to close doors. She goes into her room, shuts the door and then she can’t get out. I have to run back and forth and open the door for her. One time I found her in the dark in the bathroom. She was pretty scared that time. She has also started to make it into a game. She wants me to chase her to her room and then slam the door in my face…it’s pretty funny. And this is the look on her face when she does it.

Today Nicci and her friend tried out our new stroller. They had fun!

And the last picture is from tonight when we were watching E for a little bit. Nicci and her friend wore the same pj’s.

2 Week Check Up!

Today Lionel had his 2 week check up. He now weighs 9lbs 10 oz and measures 22 inches. He is growing fast!  My poor little baby has caught a cold and coughs and sneezes a lot. His nose is very congested too. I hope he will feel better soon. Here is Lionel getting ready to go to the doctor.

Today our stroller came! Yay! The kids had to try it out of course. Lionel looks so tiny in it.

I love my cute kids!

Some Random Stuff

Nicci is so funny. Every time she hears music now she starts
to dance and twirl. It’s so fun to watch her. She has learned to pull out a
chair and climb up on the kitchen table…crazy girl. She also learned the other
day to open our coat closet, so now we always have shoes everywhere. Nicci
loves shoes and always brings her shoes to us when she wants to go outside. She
also loves to point to different body parts. Her favorite is the bellybutton.
She can point to almost all her body parts. She loves to point at Lionel’s
nose. She is really fascinated with her feet and sits and examines them for
long periods of time. This is one reason why she doesn’t like to wear socks now
days…because then she can’t see her toes!

She is such a good helper. She helps me with almost everything.
She loves to use the broom and sweep the floor after I’m done doing it. The
other day I was using a washcloth to wipe something off the floor.  Nicci, always wanting to do what I do,
grabbed a washcloth and proceeded to help me. 
She gets very concerned when Lionel cries.  To try and make him feel better she gets his
pacifier for him and puts it in his mouth. 
Sometimes she’s a bit rough with him so we have to be careful to make
sure she doesn’t hurt him. 

She has started to give us a lot of hugs. It makes me so
happy when she comes up and gives me a hug. She hugs Lionel too. Nicci loves to
draw. We bought some crayons and she uses them a lot. She puts them in her
mouth a lot too.

It was so cute yesterday morning. Lionel was sleeping on the
couch and when Nicci woke up she wanted to watch her morning cartoons. So she
climbed up on the couch and lay down beside Lionel. She is looking away because
she was watching TV.  She likes her
little brother.

Two Pictures

Cute little Lionel right after a bath.

Nicci gets kind of bored and sometimes mad when I’m on the couch feeding Lionel. So we try to entertain her in different ways. In this picture Eric was pushing her around in a toy box.

New Stroller!

I have known for a long time that I wanted a double stroller. I have been debating back and forth between what kind I wanted. The ones I wanted were always very expensive. My dream was to have a Phil and Ted stroller…but they are pricey. I have looked at Craigslist but with no luck. We didn’t want to have to drive really far to get it either. So I started to look at some cheaper ones, but didn’t really like them. I started to get tired of looking. However, today Eric told me that his co-workers had given us a 120 dollar gift card at Toys R Us/Baby’s R Us. Yay! That was so nice of them!! I was so excited! We decided to get a double jogging stroller. We wanted something sturdy that we can use when we go on hikes or walks. I will also be able to go jogging with the kids, once Lionel is a little older. No, I don’t particularly like the color of the stroller…orange…hmm…but it was the only double jogging stroller that fit our budget.   So here it is:


My Adorable Girl and Lionel’s Birth!

We love Nicolina!

Lionel’s Birth

We checked into the hospital around 8.15. They got my IV and
pitocin started around 9 am. The nurse was really surprised how fast I started
to have regular contractions. I didn’t need much pitocin at all.  Then the long wait started. The contractions
were regular but very mild for a couple of hours. I was just watching TV and a
movie. I could feel the contractions get stronger and stronger.

Around 1 pm my
doctor came to check if I had dilated. I was only a 3 and felt a little
disappointed. I thought I was more dilated than that. She told me she wanted to
break my water to get things to speed up. 
She told me and advised me to get the epidural before she broke my water
because that’s when it gets very painful and intense. I remember  from Nicci’s birth too, that after they broke
my water, that’s when most of the pain came. So I told the nurse to call the anesthesiologist.
 He came around 2 pm and gave me the
epidural. (För er svenskar som läser,
de använder inte lustgas with förlossningar i USA, så valet är enkelt för mig
att få en epidural). It was nice when all the pain went away.
My doctor
then came in and broke my water. The water was clear.

Things started to pick up
more. After about 4 hours I started to feel more and more of my contractions…it
was weird… first they were really mild, then more and more intense. I called my nurse and she gave me some more medicine but it didn’t help at all.
So she called the anesthesiologist again. He came and said that it was weird
that I felt my contractions, because I really should not be feeling any at all.
He decided to inject some more medication into my IV. He did that and just left
telling me I should feel better soon. Now my contractions were really intense.
It was not fun at all. I tried my best to breathe through them.

After about 40
minutes my super nice nurse decided to check my back to see if everything
looked fine there, with the epidural tube and everything. When she turned me
she saw that the tube that should be in my epidural space, inside the spine,
was almost all pulled out. It was still in my skin and the medication the
doctor had given me had gone into my skin leaving a big bump on my back.  No wonder it was not working!!!! I was now
dilated to a 6. Now the anesthesiologist had to come back again and I could
tell he felt bad. He should have checked my back right away when he came the
first time. Yet he didn’t. So yeah, I ended up getting a second epidural. This
one was heaven though….so nice and it worked great! I was so relieved when it
started working.  It was so hard to get the
second one done because I was dilated to an 8 and labor was very intense. But I
did it.

The doctor told me the bump would go away in a day or two. Anyways, I
continued to dilate and started pushing around 9. The doctor came and noticed
that Lionel had his face sunny side up just like Nicci did. It must be the way
my pelvic bone is shaped the doctor explained. It should have been really easy
to push him out she said but because his face was up instead of down he kind of
got stuck under my pelvic bone. After one hour the doctor said I was so close
and if she could just help me a little bit with the vacuum, he would come right
out. I told her to do it and at 10.09 pm Lionel entered this world! He started
to move and scream right away. Eric cut the cord and I got to hold him. He was
so cute!

Eric was such a trooper too. He really helped me so much.  So, that was pretty much it. This labor was so
much calmer and easier than the one with Nicci….besides from the epidural
incident, everything worked great. I had nice nurses and doctors. I also had a
nursing student there the whole time. She was really nice too. My “epidural
bump” is all gone now.   Before I was a little nervous to get induced
but it worked great. I feel so happy that I’m recovering fast and I’m so
grateful Lionel is here!


Lionel is such a great baby. He is so sweet. He sleeps a lot, especially during the day. He is usually wide awake around 10 pm and falls asleep sometime around 11pm. He slept well last night. I usually feed him 2-3 times during the night and he sleeps 3 hours straight in between. Nicci has been wonderful and still sleeps her 12 hours every night. I was worried that the baby was going to wake her up but she sleeps through all of it. Nicci is such a great sister. She helps me get diapers, rash cream and wipes when I ask her. She loves to point to Lionel’s nose, mouth and eyes. She likes to feel his hair and give him his pacifier. She is very interested and curious. We have to watch her though. She also likes to pull off his blanket, rock him too fast in the bouncer and poke his eyes. We love our children!

More Pictures!

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