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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures of our own precious little pumpkin! Nicci likes her costume for the most part, just not the hat. I know her clothes under the costume don’t match but I was too lazy to dig through her clothes to find something better. I think she is adorable! I also took some pictures this morning of Nicci and one of her friends. Cute girls! Tonight we are going to a trunk or treat! The baby has been causing me a lot of pain today. He has been pressing down his head and it hurts a lot. Last night we went to a fun ward activity. We got to walk through a “haunted forest” and we also got donuts and hot chocolate. It was fun! Anyways, here are some pictures. Maybe more will come after tonight too.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Last night we carved a pumpkin. We had a lot of fun! We bought a big one for all of us and a small one for Nicci. She was carrying it around. So cute!
Nicci tried to carry the big pumpkin, it was too heavy!

38 Week OB Visit!

So I went to the doctor today and everything was great with the baby. The doctor stripped my membranes…ouch, and scheduled me to be induced on Monday. She did tell me though, that if the labor and delivery floor is very busy on Monday morning when I call, they might ask me to come in later or the next day. But for now, I’m going to tell myself the baby will come on Monday. Woho! We love you Lionel! Soon Nicolina will be a big sister! She is feeling better by the way, just a little tired.  Having a baby is weird….It’s kind of funny when I think about it…. to look forward to something that’s going to hurt a lot. I find myself feeling pretty anxious to get this labor and delivery over with. I know it’s going to hurt, and I’m going to feel sore for a while after.  But what I get is sooo worth it. I love my baby! He is going to be sooo worth all the pain! Having a baby for the second time is really different…now I know what to expect and there is nooo way back. The baby has to come out one way or another. Soon I’m going to be a mother of two. So exciting! It’s so weird. I’m going to be a mother of two at the age of 21. I’m trying to make sure to spend lots of quality time with Nicci now. When the baby comes she is probably going to wonder why I can’t spend as much time with her alone. She will be a great big sister though. This pregnancy has gone by so fast! The doctor said so too. She said it felt like we just met. Time really flies. Tonight we are going to carve a pumpkin!

Little Nicci

My poor little Nicci is sick. She has had a fever for almost 4 days now…we keep waiting for it to go away. It keeps going up and then down, and then up again. She has no other symptoms. She doesn’t have a cold, or the flu or a stomach bug…just fever. She is acting all normal besides being a little more tired and fussy. She still sleeps for 12 hours every night and takes a few naps here and there during the day. She eats and drinks well. I took her to the doctor today to have her checked out and everything seemed fine with her besides the fever. They took a urine sample just to make sure she didn’t have a bladder infection…my poor Nicci didn’t like that at all. Everything was normal. The doctor said it could be one common childhood illness called “Roseola.” Hopefully her fever will go away soon. If she still has a fever in two days I have to take her back to the doctor. I love my little Nicci Love!

Today I’m 38 weeks pregnant! Next week I will be induced! Yay!


I was tagged by Michelle:

4 Jobs I have had:

1.       The Galley at BYU-Idaho

2.       Assistant nurse at a health center in Sweden.

3.       Internship at a hospital in Sweden.

4.       Preschool

4 Movies I liked but never watched more than once:

1.       Becoming Jane

2.       Night at the Museum

3.       Baby Mama

4.       Ratatouille

4 TV shows I watch:

1.       Jon and Kate Plus Eight

2.       What not to Wear

3.       Top Chef

4.   Morning cartoons with Nicci      

4 Places I have been:

1.       Greece

2.       Spain

3.       Germany

4.       Romania

4 of My Favorite Foods:

1.       Tacos

2.       Pizza

3.       Lasagna

4.       Enchiladas

4 Places I Would Like to Visit:

1.       Caribbean

2.       Mexico

3.       Malaysia

4.       France

A Mix of Pics and a Video!

Here are some pictures!
Nicci and her mommy!

Nicci and her Daddy!

Belly at 37 weeks!

Nicci sitting on my belly!! She loves to point to my belly button.

Nicci and Eric

Nicci is drawing!

My due date is coming up soon. I just want time to go faster. I can’t wait to meet my little baby. Today we bought his diapers. It was so funny to see how small they were compared to Nicci’s size 5 diapers. So tiny. Everything is ready for him. Lionel come out now! We love you! Nicci is doing well. She copies everything we do. If we cough she tries to cough too. If I brush my hair, she wants me to give her the brush so that she can do it too. If I rub my eyes, she does the same. She is so funny! Oh and we have a new video of Nicci in our video folder. It’s very cute.

Funniest Thing!

Eric writing. The air motor (that powers heating/AC) has been broken for a while on our crown vic.  I decided that I better get it fixed today, since it was a pretty nice day and we have so few of those left.  So I took the part out and went and got a new one at Shucks.  I decided to test it to make sure I was right and it was the motor and not one of a number of other possibilities. 

It worked! The spindle was spinning!.  So I began putting things back together. As I was doing so I notice something I hadn’t seen before.  Turning the fan to the on position had opened up a flap to the air ducts.  There, blocking the air flow was some paper.  So I stuck my fingers down there and attempted to pull it out.  It was a big piece so it wasn’t easy. In fact, the paper ripped in two.  I went to examine it and low and behold I had half a bank envelope and $24 in my hand!  How in the world did that get down there? 

Anyways I found it ironic that the air flow was blocked by money.  I plugged in the old motor and found it to be fully functional.  I decided to keep the new one anyways since the old one look very worn.  It would probably end up dying soon anyways and the part was very cheap.

Moral of the story?  Make sure u really know what the cause of a problem is before you fix it.
Bea writing now. This is what I have been busy with this afternoon. We went to Ross and found a nice frame that I have been putting tons of photos in. I think it turned out very cute. It’s hanging on the wall now. When Lionel is born we are going to include some pictures of him of course.

Tonight Eric and I are going to a Halloween party. Nicci is going to be babysat by a girl from our ward. I think it will be a fun night!

Nicci and Her Daddy!

Eric was fixing the fan in the older car earlier, and while he was doing that, Nicci was “driving” the car. She also took the keys and pretended to start the car. It was cute!

My wonderful husband!

36 Week OB Visit!

So I went to the doctor. They did the Group B Strep test today. I was negative with Nicolina, so hopefully I will be negative this time too. Everything looked great as usual. The baby was having hiccups while the doctor measured my belly so it was kind of funny. This week she examined my cervix for the first time and she said it was very soft and she could feel the baby’s head. Yay, that’s a good sign that things are moving along. WIth Nicci I never had any progress at all until labor started when I was past my due date.  I’m going to continue to do what I do and take lots of walks. Hopefully things will continue to progress. Soon Lionel will be here! It will be nice not to be pregnant anymore. Since the baby has dropped I’m feeling a lot of pressure and I have to pee all the time!!  The doctor said she will probably induce me on either the 3rd or the 4rth of November if the baby has not come before then. Only 3 more weeks before I’m a mother of two!!

A Fun Saturday!

We had a very fun day yesterday. First we went to the Burlington Coat Factory. There was so much stuff to look at there! We found some cute shoes for Nicci. Her shoe size is 5 now! She could even wear a size six if she tried boots on. Her feet are growing so fast! I have to squish down her feet in her old shoes, (size 4). I’m glad she has a new pair. After that we went to IKEA. There we bought a bib for Nicci (one that covers a lot more than the other small ones we have). This one covers the arms which is really good. She can’t take it off either. This will be so nice since she always takes her bib off. For a while now we have just started to take her shirt off when she eats messy foods. But now we don’t have to do that anymore. Yay.  The bib will be good for those spagetti and meatsace meals. We also bought some Swedish food. Eric wanted some “julmust” (a swedish soda). I bought some candy, juice and bread.
Here is Nicci in her bib!
Later we went to a huge mall! It was SO big. We ate there and went to HM! It was so cool to walk around in that store. I saw so many things I wanted. I ended up buying a hat for Nicci. One that has a clip on it so that she can’t take it off! Nicci doesn’t like to wear things on her head…but when its really cold outside she has to have one on. So problem solved there too! We were supposed to have gone to the Cheese Cake Factory too, but when we were done at the mall it was too late, and we were so tired so we went home. We had a fun and exciting day! Here are the shoes and her hat.

Oh and last week we found Nicci’s Halloween costume. She is going to be SO cute! I can’t wait for her to wear it! I’m not going to reveal yet what she is going to be!
Tomorrow I’m going to tour the labor and delivery floor. They are also going to pre-admit me.. I’m 36 weeks tomorrow!! We took a walk today. It was so beautiful outside! I LOVE fall! Here are some pictures.

I love my family!

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