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"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Silverdale Waterfront Park!

Yesterday it was SO hot outside. The weather was beautiful so we decided to go to a water park downtown Silverdale with some friends. We had a little barbecue and ate some yummy hamburgers and the guys played some frisbee. At the end Nicolina splashed a little bit in the water. She liked it a lot. It was a good day!
I have posted all the pictures we took yesterday in a new collection of photos below “Internship in San Antonio.” The album is called “Washington.”  They are very cute. Here are some:

Beautiful Silverdale….

I am Sick!

Yesterday I woke up with the worst cold I have seriously had in years….it’s not fun! Today I feel worse than yesterday. It feels like I have been hit by a truck or run 5 marathons. My whole body aches. On top of being sick I am trying to get a talk done for Sunday. It’s kind of hard to write when I can hardly focus or keep my eyes open. I really hope I will feel better soon.
Poor Nicci is probably wondering why her mom is laying on the couch most of the day instead of playing with her. We still try to do things though. My brother goes to Utah on Monday. Yesterday we went to Olive Garden. It was very yummy! Loved it! I about passed out on the couch when I came home though.

On a happier note, Nicolina now has 5 teeth total. Two on the bottom and three on top. The three on top came all at once and I was surprised that she was not fussier than she was. Three teeth at once, I bet that must have hurt. Now I just want them to come out all the way so that I can see what she looks like with all her teeth when she smiles.

It’s a Boy!!

So we had our ultrasound today and found out that we are having a boy! At first the baby was breech and sat with his legged crossed. I started to get really worried when she tried to get the baby to move his legs and he didn’t. At the end he finally opened up and we could see it! I am super excited to have one of each! Nicolina is going to be such a great sister!

A Day in Seattle!

Today we wanted to show Vincent a little bit of Seattle. We decided to take the ferry in stead of driving. It was nice. Nicci was walking all over the place on the ferry. She walked up to people and begged for whatever they were eating, she was waving to everyone she saw and tried sneaking out the door to go outside. We posted a video of her walking around on the ferry. It really shows how much better she is at walking now.

When we came to Seattle we showed him different parts of downtown. After that we went to the Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center. Nicolina had a ton of fun in the childrens’ section. They had a water station and lots of other toys to play with. I have posted all these pictures in her 10 month old folder. Check them out!

We did a lot of walking and were exhausted on the way home. Poor Nicolina fell on the ground and hurt her upper gum. She had the pacifier in her mouth and it prevented her from getting bruises on her nose and forehead. But she was bleeding a little bit from her gum and I got blood all over my shirt. I felt so bad for her. Poor girl. But besides from that, it was a fun dayIn some of the pictures Nicolina has the pacifier in her mouth. We usually try not to give it to her during the day when she is awake but we have noticed that  if she has it in her mouth when we are outside , it prevents her from picking things up from the ground and putting it in her mouth.

Three Pictures of Nicolina!

I just have to post these.

OB Visit!

So yesterday I went to the doctor and everything went well. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I love my OB and her assistant. They are wonderful people. I got my ultrasound appointment on Tuesday, June 24. So next week we will know what we are having! Woho! I have asked Eric multiple times to guess what we are having but all he says is “I’m guessing we are having a baby.” I was pressuring him to guess yesterday and he finally said girl. A lot of people, including myself think its a boy so I guess Eric wanted to be different. We’ll see next week!

Eric and Vincent went to Seattle last night to watch a baseball game. I think they had a lot of fun even if the Mariners lost.

A New Week!

So we had a fun weekend. On Father’s Day I gave Eric a barbecue grill. Now we can have a barbecue party! We went to Eric’s dads house and it was a lot of fun.

My brother Vincent arrived yesterday. He is going to stay for 2 weeks. He brought some things from Sweden. My sister Narcisse bought these cute shoes for Nicolina. They fit perfectly. My mom and dad had also bought me some Swedish candy. Yum!

Nicolina had some pretty miserable nights last week when she was getting her new tooth. Now when it’s out, its totally different. She has started to sleep 12 hours every night without waking up. It’s very nice!!! I wake up at 8 in the morning and I don’t feel tired at all. Thanks Nicci! Right now she sleeps from 9 to 9. I would like her to start to go to bed at 8 and sleep to 8. My mom told me to start putting her to bed at 8.45 a few days, then at 8.30 and then 8.15 and so on until she has adjusted to going to bed earlier. I think it sounds like a great idea! I can tell she needs her 12 hour of sleep at night. If she has a bad night she always sleeps in. She only takes 2 naps during the day now and I like that. I don’t let her take a nap after 5. Nicci is a good girl!

Tomorrow I’m going to my OB for a check up. I’m excited to hear the baby’s heart beat again!

Thanks Narcisse!!!

Two Cute Pictures!

I just have to post these pictures of Nicolina. They are so cute!

I just wanted to end with a picture of Eric riding a four wheeler at his sister’s house.

New Things!

Nicolina learns new things everyday.
*She now points to herself and other things when she sees herself in the mirror.

*She has learned how to open the lid to the toilet. So sometimes, if we have forgotten to close the door, we find her in there with her hands in the toilet. It’s kind of gross.

*The other night we were watching a show on TV and the audience started clapping their hands. Shortly after Nicci was clapping her hands with them. It was very cute.

*She waves to almost everyone she sees. Its adorable.

*She has taken 7 to 8 steps and is walking more and more everyday.

*Nicci has a NEW tooth!! This time its on the top gum in her mouth. Now she has three teeth! Two on the bottom and one on the top.

*Nicci’s hair has started to grow a lot so now I can put a hair clip in her hair. She is so cute!

We love Nicolina!

Happy Birthday Eric!

So, today Eric turned 26. It was a good day. I gave him some fun
gifts! One of them was a badminton set. So now we can play badminton
this summer. Yay. We Eric came home from work we went to eat at Red
Robin. It was very yummy. We had fun.

Another big thing that happened today was that Nicolina started
walking. It just happened all of a sudden and we are so proud of her.
Go Nicolina! We have uploaded a video of her walking.  You should watch it!

Another thing that makes me excited is that my brother Vincent will come on Monday. He is going to stay with us for two weeks. My mom and two of my sisters will come later this summer. They will be here for Nicolina’s 1st birthday!

I feel the little baby move more and more everyday now. It makes me so happy. I love my baby. I love my family!

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