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Nicolina’s Swing!

So…the other say Eric was stopping by Walmart to buy some food on the way home from work. When he came home he brought food….and a swing for Nicci. Surprise!! Nicolina loves her swing! It was very sweet of Eric to get it for her. He is spoiling his little girl. 🙂

Nicci is laughing in her swing! Thanks Daddy!


We had a pretty busy weekend so far. On Friday I turned 21.
Eric gave me an aquarium with fish and one of my favorite games, Clue. We went
on to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant called Aladdin’s Place. It was good.
Their soup was so yummy!  After that we went
and got some strawberry plants that we planted in our garden box. We also
planted some flowers. It was a good day. We ended the day by eating a delicious


On Saturday we went to the Seattle Temple with another
couple from our ward. While they went in to the temple we watched their baby.
Since Eric’s cousins live very close to the temple we went home to their house.
They were so nice and watched Nicolina for us when it was our turn to go to the
temple.  When we got back I heard Nicci
had been pretty sad the whole time. Stranger anxiety must have kicked in.  J
But since they are moving here to Silverdale, I am confident that she will be
more comfortable being watched next time. 
On our way home we stopped by IKEA. I wanted to buy some Swedish candy
and food. Yum, yum.

Yesterday we went to church. In the afternoon we got
together with the same couple we went to the temple with and played Clue. It
was fun. Later,  Eric, Nicolina and I
were outside for most of the evening because the weather was beautiful. I have
been invited to a baby shower on June 14th. I think it will be fun.

Anyways, that is all for now. Today we are going hiking with
Eric’s uncle, aunt and cousins if the weather stays nice.

Fun With Nicolina!

Nicolina learns new things everyday. She is talking up a storm now! She has started to say ma-ma and something that sounds like da-da. It’s so cute! I don’t think she knows yet who is ma-ma and who is da-da but I still like to hear it. It’s so cute when she speaks her own language. Aah ba wa ma ma ma, ooh da da, waaah. It’s hard to explain but so cute!

So I took Nicci on her 9 month checkup yesterday. Everything was well with her. Of course as usual she was off the charts for height. She is a tall girl! One of the nurses thought she was 1 when she called us in because Nicci was standing up holding on to a toy and looked older I guess. It’s fun. She is in the 90th percentile for weight, and that doesn’t surprise me either. I love my little girl.

So Eric bought this fun toy for Nicolina. Eric loves to buy things for her. I think it’s very cute. Ha-ha he is spoiling her! 🙂 It’s called a walk-n-ride. You can change it into something she can walk with, but also sit on. If you push the lion’s nose it blinks and plays music. Nicolina loves her lion.

It’s so fun to see how she develops. When Nicci only knew how to sit she only wanted to try to crawl. Now when she has been crawling for a couple of months she only wants to stand up and try to walk as much as possible. She holds on to anything she can and moves around in a stand up position. Sometimes she falls but she always gets up again. It’s going to be exciting to see when she is going to start walking for real. I just have add to that Nicci learned how to wave bye-bye today! It’s so adorable! She also loves to play peek-a-boo!

Tomorrow it’s my birthday! Yay! I’m turning 21. Feels a little weird.

The Baby and My Garden!

So, yesterday we had our ultrasound. It was a lot of fun. The baby was kicking, spinning and waving at us. He or she was so cute! On the picture, the head is to the left and the two black holes are the eyes. I love my new doctor, she is so nice. While we were at the medical center we also found a pediatrician for Nicolina and set an appointment for her 9 month checkup. We will go there next week. I’m excited to see how much she has grown.

Last night I babysat a cute 9 month old girl that lives in the same apartment complex. She really likes Nicci and they have fun. Eric is on a hike with his dad and brother today. I’m sure they are having fun.
So about my garden, I’m so excited that a lot of plants have started to come up! Soon I’m going to put them outside in this box that Eric’s dad was so nice to build for us. Thanks!

The weather has been so nice this week. Yesterday it got up in the 80s. Today they said it could get up in the 90s!! I’m taking Nicci outside as soon as I’m done with this blog. I want to stay outside the whole day if I can. Today I am also going to plant flower and other veggie seeds my mom sent me. Yay!
Tonight I’m babysitting another 9 month old, this time a cute little boy. I’m glad Nicci has a lot of friends around here in the same age! I’m so grateful for my family and for this pregnancy. Seeing the baby yesterday just made me really realize that I have a growing baby inside of me. I can’t wait to meet this little person and love and take care of him or her.

It’s Time to Reveal….

So…I have kept the lid on the bucket for a long time now…But
it’s time to reveal that I am pregnant!!! Eric and I are so happy and
excited! We went to the doctor today. I
am 14 weeks pregnant and due November 10
th. I have known since I was
4 weeks along. The only reason why I haven’t told anyone yet was the fact that
I wanted to get it confirmed by a doctor first. With all the moving and waiting
to get better insurance with Eric’s employer we had to wait. I can’t wait to
find out what sex it is. We will have the big ultra sound in the end of June.
Nicolina is going to be a great big sister. They will be 15 months apart. I
have felt much better during this pregnancy compared to the one with Nicci.
With Nicolina I was sick for about 7 weeks, throwing up 3 times a day. With
this pregnancy I have only thrown up twice the whole time. I felt nauseated for
a couple of weeks but not so much that I had to throw up. So that’s nice. I
haven’t been as emotional either, so that’s nice for Eric. We were supposed to
have a vaginal ultra sound today but my doctor had to go do an emergency
c-section so now we have a new appointment for Friday. Then I will see the
baby!! Today I got to listen to the heart beat!! I will post an ultra sound picture when we get it on Friday!


Yesterday Eric and I went out to buy some new clothes for Nicci. She grows so fast and needed some new pants. We found three very cute outfits. I love going shopping. Tomorrow it’s mother’s day. Its my first mother’s day that I am a mom. It’s a special feeling. I love being a mom. Nicci is the cutest girl ever!

This is one of the outfits we bought yesterday. Eric and I just love the hat! Tomorrow we are going to Eric’s parents house for Mother’s Day! It’s so nice to live close to them so we can hang out!
We made a little video of our town home. If you want to watch it, here is the link:

Nicolina 9 Months!

Yay! Nicolina is 9 months today. Only three more months now and she will be 1. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone… Nicci is so wonderful. She loves so many things. She learns new things everyday. She loves food and gets very jealous if we eat without her. She loves to close doors by pushing them with her small hands. She loves to play with toilet paper, so we have to have all the bathroom doors closed. She is very vocal and very loud! She doesn’t like to be put in her crib put stands up and throws things off the edges. She loves it whenever I open the dishwasher. Then she crawls up and wants to grab silverware out of the machine. Nicci loves to go on walks. She always smiles and laughs whenever we are outside. She adores her dad and loves the way he plays with her, which is wild and crazy! Nicci loves to put things into her mouth. She even tried to put a bee in her mouth….it turned out…to be very painful for poor Nicci. She loves her bottle very much and smiles big whenever I bring it to her. She likes to roll around whenever I try to change her diaper, which makes it very hard sometimes ha-ha. She loves to cuddle up and put her head on my shoulder. It melts my heart.
She is just a happy little person with lots of energy! We love her so much!

Saturday Fun!

Today we had a fun and exciting day. First we decided that we wanted to go swimming so we found a indoor swimming place on Bainbridge Island. First we had to go and get water diapers and it was hard to find them. Finally we found some at Ride Aid. When we got to the pool, Nicci was a little bit hesitant at first. There was a lot of noise and many people there. After a while she warmed up and started to enjoy herself. We had a good time.

At night we went to Applebee’s for dinner. It was very yummy. Nicci tried some of my pasta and liked it very much. But mainly she just ate her baby puffs. I love to go out for dinner!

Yesterday we put up all our pictures and other stuff on the walls. It was fun to finally put Nicci’s name on her bedroom wall. I will take a picture of it later and show. One thing that I love about living here is how close we are to everything. We live like 5 minutes from the medical center, 7 minutes from a mall, grocery store, Target, Ross, craft stores and many, many more. Any store I can think of that I like, we have around here. All the stores are in the same area, so it’s very nice.
Yesterday we bought some tomatoe, and carrot seeds that we are going to plant. I also need to buy strawberry plants. I am very excited!

In Washington!

Wow I haven’t written in a while…Well, we are in Washington!!
Eric got a great job and we are very happy. Eric’s title at work is Software Engineer. Doesn’t that sound cool or what?! Anyways, we spent a couple of days with Eric’s
parents at their house. It was a lot of fun. Nicci was a little shy in the
beginning but it didn’t take long before she was used to everything. It was fun
when Nicci met some of her cousins. On Monday we drove around trying to find an
apartment to move into. We saw some really nasty ones and some nice ones. We
decided to move into a beautiful townhouse. On Tuesday we moved in. We really love
it. I’m so excited to have three bedrooms this time. We have made the third one
into an office. It’s so nice not to have neighbors below or above us. I still have a little bit more to unpack but
it will soon be done. Washington is
really beautiful. We live really close to water and a big mall. The only sad
thing is that they don’t allow dogs in this apartment complex so we are going
to have to wait a while to get a dog. But believe me; we will get one, some day
in the future! It’s nice to know, we are not going to move again for the
next 2 years or so. I’m so tired of moving. I just want to settle down now.
Eric promised me a little aquarium with fish for my birthday instead of the
dog. Ha-ha. We got a little baby gate yesterday because Nicolina loves to climb
up the stairs inside. I feel a lot better now when I know she can’t get up
there. I was scared she would fall down the stairs. Anyways, that’s my update!

I have a picture of our townhouse. Enjoy!

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