"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Hey All!

Seems like Bea gets to do most of the writing here.  Isn’t that how it is?  I do all the hard work of programming the website and she never lets me use it.  So anyways, we will soon be moving to Washington.  Next week, to be exact.  We planned on just staying here and working for USAA or some other company.  But when it came time to send my resume out to various companies we discussed it.  We decided that we would like to be closer to family.  Texas is a long drive from Washington.  So I started emailing my resume to some Washington based companies.  With in a week and a half I had 3 offers.  I haven’t turned any down yet.  When I get back to Washington I will be visiting the companies and make a decision then.  I’m leaning towards one but I’ll hold off writing that here until I really go with it.  So that’s what we’re up to.  Bea and Nicci will be flying on Tuesday morning, since we go their ticket for only $9.  I’ll drive up all our stuff and arrive Thursday night.  We’ve been busy packing things into boxes.  The normal fun involved in moving.the temperatures have been in the upper 70s and low 80s.  It will probably take time to get used to the colder temperatures in Washington.  We did like the weather here.


Nicolina Has a Cold!

Poor Nicolina got her first cold. I noticed a few days ago that she started to cough a lot. Now she has a stuffy nose and still coughs. She doesn’t seem less happy though, so that’s nice. It’s just a little hard to hear her cough and I just want to make it go away. Today we went to the mall and bought some after shave for Eric. It smells really good. He likes it! The lady in the store tried to convince me over and over again to buy some perfume for myself but I have enough and I don’t need it. Nicci has started to roll around a lot in her bed during the night. This morning I found her in the opposite side of the bed with her head kind of squished to the side. It looked really funny.

Eric is Graduating!!

My loving husband and Nicolina’s wonderful dad is graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho today with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Technology. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments! Eric’s internship ends today and since we are here in Texas he can’t walk or be in any ceremony at school but we are happy where we are. He has worked so hard and really loves to go to school. In the future he is planning on going back to school to get his master’s. But that will be in a couple of years. Now he wants to get job experience and just continue to enjoy life!! I am so happy today!

is such a great example. He always looks at the positive side of life.
When I am worried he always helps me to feel at ease. “Everything will be fine,” he tells me. He is honest and
not afraid to tell people his opinions.
He always makes me laugh and feel special. He can make any situation
funny! A secret about him is that he is really good at writing poems. I
just love them! I love it when he does random things to show his love
for me. Eric is and has always been a hard worker. He rarely complains
about work.

I love it that he is such a great dad to Nicolina. She always smiles big and crawls up to him when he gets home from work. Even when Eric is really busy he always puts his family first. There is always time for us! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I love him forever and always!!

I Love You!!

Nicolina vs Me!


I just wanted to post these two pictures. A lot of people think Nicolina and I look so much like each other when we were newborns. I think I agree. I’m the baby on the left and Nicolina is on the right with the bow in her hair. Fun huh!

Happy Nicolina!

I have been starting to take Nicolina to the pool. She likes
it! She likes to kick and splash in the water. I have taken some cute
pictures of her in her swim suit but I don’t want to post them here out of safety
reasons. There are a lot of weirdos out on the internet. Anyways, it’s getting
so hot here so it’s so nice to get a little cool in the pool. Nicolina is so
happy all the time. It’s so funny. Whenever she sees another person, even a
stranger she always gives them a big smile. The other day she started smiling
at an older man, who I would describe as kind of scary looking. I admire Nicolina for her courage! She looks kind of disappointed if people don’t smile back at her. I went to
Wal Mart today and three or four different people started talking to us because
Nicci gave them a big, big smile. It’s a lot of fun. I’m glad she is so happy!  She has started to talk a lot to other people too. Wa wa, ma, ma aj aj aj, ja ja. Cutie!

Nicolina 8 Months!!

Today Nicolina is 8 months. I can’t believe how fast time goes! She is growing so fast and learns new things everyday. She is talking more everyday. She has started to say something that sounds like ma ma ma, or wa wa wa. It’s so adorable!  Soon she will be walking! We love Nicolina so much and she brings so much joy and laughter into our family.

I can’t believe she has ever been this tiny!!

Or like this!

Nicolina Holds Her Bottle!

Nicolina learned how to hold her own bottle just yesterday. We have tried before to let her hold it but then she just lets go and it falls to the ground. She likes it when we hold it, maybe because it’s more convenient for her. Now she has learned though. This morning she held the bottle the entire time. She has been able to hold her sippy cup for quite some time now. She has never been interested in holding the bottle until now.

Eric and I went to the San Antonio Temple yesterday. It was a good experience!! Some friends watched Nicci for us. I am excited for general conference this weekend!

Bye Bye Pierre!

Today my brother Pierre went home. He has been visiting us
for two weeks. He was supposed to go home yesterday but his plan got canceled
so we enjoyed another day together. We had a lot of fun. He turned 19 while he
was here. He has sent in his mission papers and is anxiously waiting for his
call. We can’t wait to hear where he is going!

It was so hot outside today. I took Nicolina on a walk and
after 10 minutes I was so hot that I had to go inside. I’m grateful for air
conditioning!  I had this urge to jump
into the pool but resisted since the water is still a little bit too cold. I
cleaned the apartment today. I always have a lot of music on when I clean. It’s
a lot more fun that way. Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do. Nicolina
followed me everywhere I went. Cute girl!

We are getting our puppy on May 17th. We can’t
wait. I have always wanted my own dog. The puppy will be 8 weeks when we get
him. We believe the puppies are already born and the breeder said, she would
send us some pictures of the litter of puppies when they are a couple of weeks
old. That way we can see them and choose one we like.

Eric and I are very happy that Eric’s sister Cassie had her
little girl on March 27
th. She will be named Madalyn Jean. Cute!
Nicolina will be 8 months in just a couple of days!

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