"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

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Nicolina Loves Food!

Nicolina just LOVES food. She loves to try new food. Every time I get something to eat, she crawls right up to me and wants to taste too. It doesn’t matter what it is. She just has to try. If I’m on the couch, she will stand up and “tell” me with her voice that she wants some too. It sounds kind of like “aaaah….aaaah” If I’m on the floor, she stands up, holding on to me and tries grabbing my food. She doesn’t give up. She absolutely loves grapes, pasta, peas, plums, rice, mashed potatoes and lots more. I gave her lasagna one time and she ate a lot! I’m serious when I say that she likes everything we have given her so far. There are still things we can’t give her yet because of her age, but soon enough! I’m so happy Nicolina is not picky at all. Even if she just had a bottle we still have to give her something when we eat dinner. Otherwise she gets really jealous and sad. She always sits with us at the table whenever we eat. I have to feed her at the same time I eat otherwise she gets jealous. She is so funny. I think she likes “big people” food better than the jars of baby food I feed her everyday. Another thing that just cracks me up is how she follows me everywhere I go. If I go into the kitchen, she follows me, and when I leave she comes with me. I always have this shadow beside me. Ha-ha! She even tries to follow me into the bathroom. When Nicolina “talks” she mostly says “ajajajajajaaj” In Sweden we say the word “aj” when we hurt ourselves. It’s kind of like “ouch.” So it’s sounds to me she is saying aj aj all the time, and I think she is hurt. Hehe! I love Nicolina!

Cute Things For Nicolina!

I found two really cute outfits for Nicolina yesterday. One of them is the purple outfit she is wearing in this picture. She looks kind of depressed in this picture but it was early in the morning and she saw something outside the window. It was hard to make her smile.

Today I bought her some shoes. She stands up all the time now, so I
felt it was about time. I was going to buy just one pair but when I saw the pink ones and I just couldn’t resist. Cute, cute!

Painting Letters!

Ever since Nicolina was born I wanted to have her name up on the wall in her bedroom. One day, last week we went to Hobby Lobby and we found some really cute wooden letters. We bought all the letters in her name, some paint and paint brushes. Last Sunday we painted the letters. I think it turned out really cute. Now we just need to buy some small hooks and decide where in Nicci’s room we are going to put up her name.

Today I hurt my back. I was carrying Nicolina to the changing table when it just popped. It really hurts! I don’t know why. I hope I will feel better soon. We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. It was fun. I’m going to post a fun video of Nicci later tonight.

Sea World!

Today we went to Sea World! It was a ton of fun! We left early this morning and came home sometime after 5. Since we have season passes and my brother got a two day pass, we didn’t have to stress through the whole park in just one day. The animals were so cute! I have posted some pictures in the San Antonio folder. Nicolina was very good the whole day. Well, almost the whole day. The last show we went to was called Believe, a Killer Whale show. In the middle of the show, Nicolina decided the poop…..a lot. It came out on the sides and I got some on my pants. It was not funny! Ha-ha! We took her out and changed her. I was happy that I always have extra clothes for Nicolina with me. Besides that, the day was calm and nice. There were a lot of people there though. Eric took me on a fun ride that got us totally soaked! It was so hot outside that I dried really fast. Eric and Pierre went on all the scary rides. They had fun!

We ate some yummy lunch. Nicolina wanted to try everything we ate. She really likes grapes. We cut them into tiny pieces and she eats them. When we were full we went to pet some dolphins. They felt like rubber. They were so cute! We saw a really cute dolphin show. I was really amazed at how well trained they were. The water park they have at Sea World had not yet opened. It’s going to open in April. I’m going to buy Nicolina a bathing suit and take her there this summer. I have seen a really cute bathing suit in the baby/toddler isle at Wal Mart. I want her to have it! Well, that was the report for today!

Egg Hunt!!

Today Brenda and I went to the park. They were going to have a easter egg hunt for our ward. It was a lot of fun. Brenda brought some candy filled eggs for Andrew and Nicci. Nicolina just sat on the ground and played with them while Andrew ate candy. The weather was so beautiful! A lot of kids were in the park because of spring break. I was so happy we went!
After we had gone to the park we also wanted to go to a store called “The World Market.” They have food from all different places in the world. They also have really cheap spices. I found some Swedish candy that I bought. Yummy. The traffic was crazy!! Usually it would have taken us 10 min to get there. But because of the traffic it took almost an hour. It seemed like everyone in San Antonio had decided to go to Six Flags that day. It’s really close to where we live. Anyways, eventually we came to the store and we liked it a lot. We had a nice day!

A New Week!

A new week has begun! Last Friday we went to a
restaurant called Rudy’s to try some barbecue. I didn’t like it very much. The
restaurant was really dirty and I’m not a big barbecue fan. Eric thought it was
ok but we are not going there again. On a sign outside the restaurant it said, “Texas’s
worst barbecue!” It was supposed to be a joke but I agree! On Saturday we
picked up my brother from the airport. He is going to stay with us for the next
two weeks. We are excited to have him here. He has sent in his mission papers
and is just waiting for his call. We can’t wait to hear where he is going. On
Saturday it was 95 degrees outside. It was so hot! Eric, Nicolina and I went
down to the pool and just stuck our feet in the water. It was very relaxing.

One day last week, Eric lost Nicolina inside
our apartment. It was so funny. I was sitting on the couch doing something on
the laptop and Eric had promised that he would “watch” her for me. He was
reading his book for a moment when all of a sudden he said, “Where is
Nicolina?” I was like, “I don’t know, I thought you were watching
her!” So he went into our bedroom, Nicci’s bedroom, our bathrooms, the
living room, kitchen and dining room to look for her. He couldn’t find her. I
was about to laugh, because I thought, “How could you loose her in less than a minute!” Well, Eric continued to look and finally found her under the
kitchen table. We have a table cloth so it was a little bit hard to see her.
Ha-ha, she just cracks me up! She was sitting there all quiet. A new couple joined our dinner group on
Sunday. They just moved here from Rexburg. They just got a job at USAA and are
staying here for a while!

Eric and I are
really excited that we live just 25 minutes from Sea World. We have decided to
get season passes there. I’m very
excited! I can go there everyday this summer if I want too. They have animal
shows, different rides, restaurants and a water park. I love dolphins
and are very excited to see them! The
park has already opened so we are taking Pierre there on Saturday. Yay!

Nicolina In the Kitchen!

    Since Nicolina started crawling, she always spends time with me in the kitchen. She crawls after me when I go in there and stays with me as I cook dinner. She also follows me when I go into the pantry to get something. She is so funny. She also tries to stand up wherever she can. We have to watch her very closely because she falls a lot. Poor baby.

Yesterday when we went to the grocery store, Nicolina was in a very happy mood. She was babbling, squealing, and laughing the entire time we were there. She made a lot of people smile and laugh.I just have so say that I am so grateful for Nicolina. I’m so happy to be her mom. She is such a healthy, happy, easy-going girl. She makes us smile and laugh everyday. I love my Nicolina!

Last Week!

I just wanted to sum up some of last week’s happenings:
On Wednesday I went over to Brenda’s house. She had made a ton of sugar
cookies and asked me if I wanted to help decorating them. It was a lot of fun.
I brought home a lot of cookies that Eric and I ate. While we were there
Nicolina decided to take a very long nap in Andrew’s crib. Poor Andrew had to
wait until Nicolina woke up again. By then he was very tired. We had fun
though! Nicolina turned 7 months today!

On Thursday I babysat Andrew for an hour. The weather was crazy. At
night Eric took Nicolina and me to a store called Pet’s R Us. They have many
cute puppies there! We pet a really cute Beagle. He was only 10 weeks and SO
cute. He cost a lot more than what a breeder would ask for, so we are not going
to buy from there. We found a beagle breeder that we like. Eric decided he was
going to call her Friday to ask some questions. When we went to the pet store
and saw the puppies it made me want a puppy even more. I can’t wait until May!

On Friday Eric called the Beagle breeder. They sell their male puppies
for 300 dollars. That’s better than Pet’s R Us that sells them for 500. This
breeder is the closest we can find. They live 2 1/2 hours away from us. She
told Eric a lot of information. She said that right now she just sold all her
puppies. She told him to call back by the end of March. By then she should have
new puppies that we can choose from. After we have chosen, the puppy will stay
with his mom until the beginning of May when we get him. The puppy will be 6-8
weeks when we get him. We have no set plans yet even if it sounds like it but
this is what we plan on right now. We are still keeping our eyes open for other
options. We have decided to get a Beagle though. I want May to come fast!

Friday night we went to China Sea with our friends. The food was really
good there. It was like a buffe. Afterwards the whole group went to our
apartment and watched the movie Yours, Mine and Ours. Eric and I had seen it
before but it was fun. We also watched one of my favorite shows, What Not to
Wear. We went to bed very late!

On Saturday we went to the park at noon to a ward picnic. It was a lot
of fun. We sat on a picnic blanket and enjoyed some barbecue and yummy dessert.
We saw a lot of cute dogs in the park. Afterwards we did some grocery shopping.
The rest of the day we just rested. Nicolina has started to try to crawl into
our fire place. It’s not very funny. We try to distract her, but she keeps
crawling there. Oh well. I just have to go and get her.

Sunday we had people over for dinner. Richard had made beef enchiladas. It was
very yummy. Melissa also made some good dessert. I made the salad. We just hung
out and talked and had fun as always! Nicolina has started to eat these puffs.
They dissolve very quickly in the mouth. She loves them! She is a big girl now!

I Miss My Body Splash!

I just love these products from Victoria’s Secret! They are called Pure Seduction. They smell so good!! I have body butter and lotion. The only thing I miss is the body splash. They took it from me at the SLC airport when we were on our way to Sweden this past Christmas. I forgot to get it out of my backpack and when they screened my bag and found it, they said sorry and took it. Man, I was so sad and disappointed. I was mad that I forgot to put it in my suitcase. I forgot their rule that you are only allowed to bring 3 oz containers of liquid on board the plane. Now I have decided that I’m going to buy this body splash again! I don’t know when, but hopefully soon.
lotionsI’m trying to get ready to go out and eat. Eric, Nicolina and I are going out to eat with some friends at a restaurant called China Sea. It’s not my favorite food, more like Eric’s. But I’m sure I will be able to find something to eat. Nicolina is crawling everywhere now. Before I used to have all doors open in the apartment. Now I have to shut both bathroom doors and also the ones to our closets. Today I was putting on my clothes while Nicolina was on the floor in our bedroom. I turned away for a just a moment and when I looked back, Nicolina was gone. She had crawled into our closet and hid herself under a blanket.
Ha-ha she cracks me up!


Today we had a rainstorm with some thunder. It was pretty cool. Brenda and I decided not to go to the park this morning because of the weather. I stayed inside with Nicolina instead. At 1.30 pm Brenda came and dropped Andrew off. I was going to watch him while she went to the doctor. Nicolina really likes Andrew and wants to do everything he does. In this picture they don’t really look happy but they did have fun!

Nicolina has started to pull my hair a lot. Every time I hold her she pulls really hard. It hurts. I don’t know why she thinks my hair i so interesting. I always have it in a pony tail, but she still manages to pull some hair off. Ouch! My brother will be here in little less than two weeks. We are really excited!

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