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A Cold Day!

Now I have posted a clip of Nicolina rolling over. You can find it where the other video clips are. Today Nicolina and I listened to Swedish Christmas music and started packing a little bit. Yesterday Eric had a study group here and Nicolina looked at the guys with big eyes. I made a cute little blanket yesterday. The blanket is for new parents in our ward. They gave us one when Nicolina was born.

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It’s really cold outside today…brrr. Eric and I really need to start looking for some boxes so that we can pack some more. I’m still waiting for my green card. I hope it will come soon! Nicolina will be 4 months in just a couple of days. On the day she turns 4 months we are going to give her solid food for the first time. I think it will be carrots. I’m excited to see how she is going to react.
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We are Moving!

Just wanted to update that Eric will be starting his internship at USAA on January 21st. We are so happy and thrilled. I can’t even describe how happy I feel. It will be such an adventure and new experience to move from small Rexburg to a bigger city like San Antonio. We have been looking around at different apartments. Today we found a really nice one with two bedrooms. Eric sent them an email to see if they have any openings and we are just waiting to hear back from them. Today I’m trying out my Crockpot for the first time and it smells so good. I also made some cookies. Yum yum! Nicolina is so funny. When I put her down on her back she rolls over to her belly right away. But then she is stuck because she can’t roll back. So then she gets mad and I have to help her roll back. Then 4 seconds later she is on her belly again and the whole cycle starts over. Haha. I will soon have a clip of her rolling over.

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Cute boots that a friend gave to Nicolina.

Nicolina at the Park!

We took Nicolina to Porter park today and it was a lot of fun! We rode down the slide and sat on a swing for a while. We didn’t stay so long because it was pretty cold outside.

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So they finally called about Eric’s internship yesterday and he got it! Yay, what a blessing! We are moving to Texas! I’m so excited. The only thing we are waiting to hear about is when they want him to start. They are going to call about it sometime next week. Eric, Nicolina and I went to Idaho Falls yesterday because I needed to buy some new shirts and these are the ones I bought. I like them a lot!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a really fun Thanksgiving. We celebrated it with another couple from our ward. Their baby was due today, so soon they are going to be parents! Eric and I made the turkey and it turned out really yummy. The pies were delicious too. First we ate and then we played a fun game. The game took a long time but it was alright. Eric, Nicolina and I just finished watching Shrek 3. It was hilarious.

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I just wanted to tell you that Nicolina laughed for the first time yesterday, (listen to clip below). It sounds so cute. Just a few minutes ago Eric made a gurgling noise and now we are laughing because Nicolina is totally copying him. Ha-ha!
I took some pictures of Nicolina’s first Thanksgiving and some of our apartment. They are found in The Fall/Winter 2007 folder in our photo album. Enjoy!
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P.S Here is a little clip of Nicolina laughing!

Nicolina Rolled Over!

Just wanted to tell you that Nicolina rolled over from back to belly just a while ago. She is so cute and has been trying so hard. She is having a harder time rolling over from belly to back, but I’m sure it will come when she is ready. No phone call today, but Eric got an email and they told him that everyone will know at the end of the week. So we are just waiting. If we don’t go to Texas, we will probably end up in Washington, where Eric is from and has almost his whole family. Either one works for me! I just have to say that I love my latest cookbook. It’s so amazing. It explains everything so thorough, which is great for someone like me that’s not the world’s best cook. (At least not yet!)I have tried a couple of things and all of them have turned out great! Chicken a la King was really yummy as were the rolls. Tomorrow I’m going to bake cheesecake and probably pumpkin pie on Thursday morning. I will have pictures to show you when they are done. Oh and we got a little snow today. Yay!

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Playing With Nicolina!

It’s so much fun to play with Nicolina! She just loves the attention and smiles really big the whole time. She gets really happy when Eric and I look at and sing to her. She gets so excited, it’s like she can’t stand it! Ha-ha!

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I have butterflies in my stomach because Eric will find out any day now if he gets the internship. I’m dying to know! They told him they would call sometime the week of the 18th, but before Thanksgiving, which is Thursday. So either today, tomorrow or Wednesday, we will know. Ah!
We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with some other couples from our ward. I’m excited. We have so much to be grateful for. It’s going to be Nicolina’s first Thanksgiving. Yay!
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Nicolina likes all the stuffed animals she got from grandma,grandpa and all her uncles and aunts in Sweden.

Learning is Fun!

When Nicolina is taking her two hour nap a couple of times a day I usually try to learn new things. Currently I’m trying to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. It’s a lot of things to learn! There are so many tools to use, but it’s fun. Eric helps me when I get stuck. Here is my first photo that I ever did in Photoshop. It’s simple but I think it’s cute.

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Today it’s cold and raining outside. I don’t like it. I’m happy though that it’s Thanksgiving break next week and Eric will be home more. Yay!

Delicious Pies!

Tonight we went to a fun ward activity. It was called Thanksgiving Pie Bake-Off. There were a lot of yummy pies to eat. I ate a lot, even more than Eric….oops. Everyone was supposed to bring a game and we brought our very fun, random game called “Killer Bunnies.” We never got to play it though, because there was not enough time.

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Nicolina had fun as she sat in Eric’s lap and looked around at everyone. We are really going to miss our ward when we move in January. Everyone is so nice. We always have fun.
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Right now Eric is watching a movie while talking to my brother on MSN. Nicolina is trying to roll over from back to belly. She is so close and trying so hard. Cute girl. Soon it’s nighty night for Nicolina. It has been a long day.
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Random Things!

I just finished reading a very interesting book called “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. It made me laugh. She has a lot of good points.

The book

Tonight Nicolina and I went to a Relief Society activity. Three girls made different food from around the world. One was a bean dish from Brazil, another egg rolls and one French bread. I got a new diaper bag for 2 dollars at the bookstore. Good deal. I like this pink one a lot better than the black one they gave us at the Dr’s office.
The bag

It’s getting colder and colder here everyday now. We are still waiting to hear about the internship. I’m also waiting for my cookbook to come in the mail. Patience, patience. Eric and I are watching a really fun show on DVD right now. It’s black and white and it’s called The Andy Griffith Show. Megan lent us the DVD’s and we are almost finished with all six seasons.

Princess Nicolina!

Today we had stake conference and I dressed Nicci up in her cute new dress. She was awake for the first hour but then she fell asleep. Today it is Father’s Day in Sweden so I called and talked to my dad. I also sent him an e-card. It was fun. I’m currently trying to figure out how to use the family search indexing website. It’s a lot of things to learn. We have bad weather today and I really don’t feel like going outside. Tonight we have some friend over for dinner. It will be fun!

Pink dress
Cute Nicci

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