"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

Fun at the splash park

We went to a fun splash park in Tacoma last week. I wish we had gone here more this past summer. The kids had a blast! They were running around everywhere and went back and forth from the splash pad to the playground. I wish we had a splash park like this closer to home. Poor Lionel can’t get his cast wet, but he still had fun putting his feet in the water.

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Visiting our Oliver

I love to read this quote every time we go to the cemetery. It’s on a decorative rock by another baby’s grave marker.

“Gone, yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart.”

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Update on pregnancy

I wanted to update a little bit about my pregnancy. The last month or so, I started to feel sooo tired.  I found out a few weeks ago that I’m anemic so I have started to take iron pills and I hope that will give me some more energy. I passed my glucose screening and baby seems to be growing and be healthy. Baby is moving lots and I’m starting to have more aches and pains now. I feel so clumsy now days. I almost fell down the stairs earlier this week because I tripped when I was helping to take Savannah’s little play stroller downstairs. I got a carpet burn on my leg and my other leg hurt for a while. I also got a small electrical shock last night when I unplugged the computer plug because I did it in a weird angle. Craziness. I had an ultrasound to check baby’s growth last Tuesday and everything looks good. My belly measures really small as usual but my doctor knows from my history that it doesn’t mean I will have a small baby since I have measured small with all my babies, yet they are very big. I have started to have more and more heart burn and tums are my friends. I love to feel Tyler move every day. I have had a lot of fear and anxiety with this pregnancy and these last 10 weeks will for sure be a little scary. Pregnancy will sadly never be without fear and worry for me after what we went through with Oliver. But I try to stay positive. I just hope and pray I will get to bring this precious little one home with us.  We love him!

Tyler’s cute little face.

2014-09-09 11.59.06 (1280x1276) (2)

Belly at almost 30 weeks.

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Father/Son camp out

Eric took the kids to a father/son camp out last weekend. They had it at the Sequim bay state park. The boys told me they had lots of fun with so many of their friends. The only sad thing that happened was that Jordan burned his hand on a lantern that someone had there. The little guy just had to touch it. He is always so curious. Eric said he was only sad for a little while and then he was fine. I’m looking forward to taking the girls to the mother/daughter camp out later this month.

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IMG_20140913_084125 (1280x960)

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IMG_20140913_101418 (1280x960)

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Broken arm

On Monday afternoon I got a phone call from the school that Lionel had hurt his arm during recess at school. They asked if I could come and pick him up because he said his arm hurt a little and he didn’t want to do any school work. When I came to the office to pick him up, he was sitting on a chair, looking sad and had an ice pack on his arm. School was almost ready to get out so we went and got Nicci too. When we came home he acted completely normal and happy. I thought everything was fine so I let them run over and play with the neighhbor kids for a little bit. It was after they got home, around dinner time I noticed that even though he didn’t act like he was in any pain, he wouldn’t use is arm at all. Eric asked some questions and asked him to squeeze his finger, which he would not do. We decided to take him to the urgent care. He was so scared and nervous, poor guy. But he was very brave and told the doctor what had happened. The doctor said that he had seen many kids with broken bones from playing on the monkey bars, just like Lionel had. They took some xrays, and sure enough, his arm was broken. Poor little guy. They put his arm in a splint and a sling and sent us home and told us that an orthopedic doctor would call the next day sometime. He was so tired when we got home and went to bed very quickly.  The next day Eric worked from home so that he could take Lionel to his appointment that afternoon.

When we got there, the doctor went over the x-ray with me (Eric). He explained that because the alignment of the bones was off it would be best to set the bone.  He said he didn’t HAVE to do it as he was young enough his body would likely take care of it by itself, but that healing time would be much less if he did set it.  So I agreed to let him do it.  I opted to not tell Lionel as I didn’t want him to worry.  But I was feeling so anxious for him as the doctor got into position that he probably sensed it.  When he did, there was an audible crack as the bone set back into place.  I almost cried as he sat there and held it while Lionel cried.  It’s not an easy thing to let your child experience pain when you know you can prevent it but don’t because the pain is necessary for his good.

2014-09-08 18.45.57 (1280x720)

2014-09-08 19.26.02 (720x1280)

2014-09-09 15.01.42 (720x1280)

IMG_20140909_132815 (960x1280)

He’s mad because I didn’t tell him it was going to hurt. :(


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DSC_2563 (1280x851)

Geeks in the woods

This last week (Wed – Fri), my company, TUNE, took the engineering department on a “retreat” into the woods, Geeks in the Woods.  I think I can say that everyone who went had a blast!  The schedule was pretty loose.

Wed, we checked in, set up camp, ate dinner, explored the resort a bit, and then socialized while a band played on stage.

Thursday, we had guest speakers on various tech subjects.  Then we had time to work on a code challenge and do other activities (giant soap covered slip ‘n slide, cliff jump, kayak, hike, code, etc). In the evening there was another band and a bon fire over which s’mores were made.  And of course, more socializing.

Friday, was the wrap up of the code challenge and more free time. I left on an early return boat so I could be home to take the boys on a father and son’s camp out.

Some views of the trip there, Deception Pass bridge.

IMG_20140910_134902 (960x1280)

IMG_20140910_135239 (1280x960)

IMG_20140910_135525 (1280x960)

From the chartered boat.

IMG_20140910_151532 (1280x960)

IMG_20140910_154118 (1280x960)

View from the inlet on Doe Bay (Orcas Island). My tent was up on that bluff, to the right.

IMG_20140910_154116 (1280x960)

View from my tent window

IMG_20140910_160813 (1280x960)

My Tent

IMG_20140911_093102 (947x1280)

Some deer grazing in the field

IMG_20140911_070220 (1280x960)

More views from behind my tent

IMG_20140911_070919 (1280x960)

IMG_20140911_070933 (1280x947)

IMG_20140911_070943 (1280x947)

When you take a bunch of geeks into the woods, you need somewhere for them to charge all their toys (Laptops, phones, tablets, watches, camera’s, drones, robot balls, etc).  Thus this “Tree of Charge.” What’s not in the picture is that there were more power strips hanging from branches, with plugged in phones. Very “geeky.”

IMG_20140911_122830 (960x1280)

A view of one part of the trail to the tents at nights.

There were quite a few LED light displays and some fog machines.  It was pretty cool.

IMG_20140911_202130 (1280x960)

Lots of fun!

One night The Lea’s invited us and a couple of other friends over for a movie and game night in their backyard. We all had a blast. When we first started the movie it was a little too light outside but as it got darker the kids could see the movie a lot better. The kids also got to eat some yummy popcorn. What a fun thing for them to watch a movie outside! Us adults talked and played the fun game, “Loaded questions.” I love nights like this!

2014-09-06 18.55.32 (1280x720)

2014-09-06 18.55.40 (1280x720)

2014-09-06 20.02.24 (1280x720)

2014-09-06 20.02.32 (1280x720)

Another night Adrianna and Jaime invited me to join them for a late dinner at the Axe handle cafe in Kingston. I had a Caprese sandwich that was very yummy! I love getting together and chatting with these girls! Jaime has been so nice and lent me some of her maternity clothes. I didn’t realized how tired I was of my own until I tried some of hers on and its so nice to wear something different.

2014-09-08 21.23.21 (720x1280)

2014-09-08 20.39.34 (720x1280)

2014-09-08 20.41.12 (1280x720)

IMG957710 (960x1280) (960x1280)

Music makers started again on Wednesday!

2014-09-10 10.46.34 (1280x720)

On Thursday Jordan and I made some chocolate banana bread together. Love this little guy!

2014-09-11 15.44.08 (1280x720)

I harvested some rhubarb that I peeled and cut up one night as I was watched a movie.

2014-09-11 20.44.25 (1280x720)

2014-09-11 21.11.18 (1280x720) 

Eric took the boys on a father/son camp out, so we decided to have a girls night. We went to Bluberry’s for some frozen yogurt and did some other errands.

2014-09-12 18.19.08 (1280x720)

2014-09-12 18.50.45 (1280x720)

The kids had fun in the backyard last weekend when it was very warm outside. Earlier that day they had attended a birthday party and we also went to the park.

 DSC_2528 (1280x851)

DSC_2534 (851x1280)

DSC_2538 (1280x851)

DSC_2541 (1280x851)

DSC_2547 (1280x851)

Eric made some yummy cinnamon rolls last Sunday!

DSC_2543 (1280x851)

DSC_2551 (1280x851)

I made the pioneer woman’s Mexican Macaroni Salad last week and it was delicious!!

DSC_2525 (1280x1081)


We had fun at Poulsbo Kids day today! We met lots of friends there and did some fun activities.

2014-09-13 10.27.24 (1280x720)

2014-09-13 10.38.18 (720x1280)

2014-09-13 10.38.46 (1280x720)

2014-09-13 11.00.22 (1280x720)

2014-09-13 11.11.14 (720x1280)

2014-09-13 11.37.27 (1280x720)

2014-09-13 11.41.44 (1280x720)

IMG_20140913_114312 (1280x960)

5 years in our house

We have lived in our house for 5 years now! So crazy how fast time goes. It’s so fun to look at pictures to see how the house used to look like when we first moved in….the chain link fence in the front yard and the big tree in the backyard. Lots of changes have happened inside the house too. When we bought the house I was pregnant with Jordan and he was born a few months later. Both the cars we had when we moved in, we don’t own anymore. Nicci and Lionel were 2 and almost 1 when we moved in. I remember not really knowing anyone when we moved in and just taking the kids down to the beach a lot. They loved to play on the playground there. We also took a lot of walks around the neighborhood. We have really loved living here and still do! I get a little emotional when I think about all the memories we have had in this house. Life is good.





First day of Pre-K

Our little Jordan started Pre-K this week. He was really looking forward to going back to preschool. He had missed his teacher and all his friends. I was wondering how he was going to do at preschool by himself without Lionel but he did great and came home very happy! I can’t believe that he will be going to Kindergarten next fall. They grow up fast!

2014-09-08 11.37.10 (720x1280)

2014-09-08 11.39.18 (871x1280)

2014-09-08 12.30.39 (1280x720)

First day of school

Nicci and Lionel started school on September 3rd. The night before school started we went to the back to school ice cream social. The kids got to bring all their school supplies and meet the teachers. Both teachers seem really nice. Lionel noticed right away that the teacher had spelled his name wrong. He was very brave and helped his teacher by telling her that his name is spelled with an e and not an a. Lional just looks funny. I think this year will be great for the kids!

Here is Lionel in his classroom.

2014-09-02 15.52.45 (1280x720)

Eating yummy ice cream.

2014-09-02 16.22.17 (1280x720)

First day of school, before the bus came! The kids were very excited to go to school. I think Lionel was a little nervous but he came home very happy. He told me he met a new friend but he didn’t remember his name.

DSC_2487 (851x1280)

DSC_2491 (851x1280)

DSC_2493 (851x1280)

DSC_2497 (851x1280)

DSC_2499 (1280x851)

DSC_2510 (1280x851)

DSC_2522 (1280x851)

DSC_2523 (851x1280)

My friend Jaime saw the kids walking down the hall right before school started and took this picture for me. So sweet! Nicci helped Lionel find his classroom. What a nice sister.

IMG_2268 (853x1280)

I think Lionel will love kindergarten!

2014-09-04 11.24.13 (720x1280)

2014-09-04 11.24.23

I took this picture this morning while they were waiting for the bus. I thought they looked so cute in their matching outfits.

2014-09-05 08.39.51 (720x1280)

Our Family

Beatrice and Eric





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