"If you know someone who has lost a child or anybody who's important to them, and you're afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn't forget they died. You're not reminding them. What you're reminding them of is that you remembered that they lived, and that's a great, great gift" - Elizabeth Edwards

"The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you." - Bruce C. Hafen

We are homeowners again!

Today was a very exciting day, one we have anxiously been awaiting for many months now. We closed on our house, got our keys and became home owners again! We are moving in at the end of the week! The building process has been great but also very stressful at times. I’m so glad it is done and that we can relax now! We love our house and new neighborhood!

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First day of school!

The kids were more than ready to start school this year. They have not had a lot of kids close by to play with this summer, so I think they were getting antsy to go to school make new friends. The closer we got to the closing day and moving into our new house I think the kids could sense the stress and probably also felt very nervous so they were fighting a lot, so I was definitely ready for school to start too.  I really like the kids new teachers and I like their new school. I like how small the class sizes are compared to other schools they have attended with much larger classes. Savannah starts preschool on September 7th and she was upset that she has to wait until then. She is so ready too. Yay for a new school year!

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Fun visits!

We had two fun visits last week. First, my sister Isabelle and her family came to visit for a couple of days while they were on their way home to Oregon. It was so awesome to see them again. The kids played and had fun with their cousins. One night we had a girls night at my parents house and the guys had a game night at our house. Time goes by way too fast when you have fun.  Here are some pics.

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The day after my sister and family left, my friend Christine came with three of her four kids! Her husband and youngest were home with colds. Christine contacted me earlier this summer and said that she was going to be in Utah to visit family and I was so happy that she took time out of her I’m sure busy schedule to see us. They went to church with us and we had some time to catch up and hang out before we left. I loved spending time with them. I loved chatting and catching up about life. Christine is a very dear friend. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since we have seen each other, it’s always so easy to connect with her. I love that.

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One night a few weeks ago, Eric surprised me and told me he was going to cook dinner for us. He made five cheese ziti al forno, my favorite pasta dish that I always eat at Olive Garden. It was delicious!!

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One day we walked by Petco and saw that they had an adoption day there. We decided to go in so that the kids could pet some kittens. Nicci was in heaven, haha.

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We went to a fun park in Saratoga Springs.

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We went to IKEA one day. While the 4 older kids played in the play area for over one hour, Tyler and I slowly walked around and looked at everything, bought some yummy waffles and candy!

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We went to hang time one day.

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We went to Bridle veil falls one morning. Jordan climbed all the way up to the water fall. I almost panicked because he could not hear me tell him to please not climb up any higher when he was about half way up. Luckily he came down fine….phew.

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Savannah loves to get into our bed.

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LeAnne and I have had fun coloring in my coloring book I got from my mom for my birthday in May with some gel pens my mother in law gave me.

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Nicci got this cool lamp from Marilyn for her birthday.

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Fun at the park.

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Nicci got a basket for her bike on her birthday.


My mom gave her lots of scrapbooking supplies that she loves to use!


Nicci’s birthday!

Nicci had a nice birthday. She was so happy when she got her mermaid swim tail that she had been wanting for a long time.

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Nicci had requested that we go ice skating and also have dinner at pizza pie cafe.

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Nicci loves peaches.

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After we went to pizza pie cafe we had a party for Nicci at home. She got a lot of nice gifts.

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Beautiful horse painting from LeAnne!

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Eric and Nicci made an ice cream cake together.

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Our 9 year old! We love you Nicci!

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Nicolina is 9!

Happy birthday to Nicci!!

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Fun visit!

My grandpa and my dad came to visit for over two weeks. It was so fun to have them here. We did a lot of fun things together. For the first week when they were here, Spanish Fork had their “Fiesta days.” So we watched a couple of parades and attended some concerts. The kids got a ton of candy at the parades. I went over to my parents house almost every night for a week. It was awesome. I also bought a cute shirt at a vendor during the fair. It was fun to be able to show them our future house and the building progress that is being made. They also came and watched Savannah’s dance recital. We had them over for dinner one night and made five cheese ziti al forno and hung out and had a nice time. I also took them out for lunch one day with Savannah and Tyler. One Sunday afternoon we went to a park and played Kubb too. Fun times!

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The house is almost done on the outside now!! When we went to the house on Sunday we saw that they are going to start to install the kitchen cabinets and stuff this week. So exciting!

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We had a fun, but very HOT day at Lagoon on Friday. Eric’s company had a “Lagoon day” and paid for everything. The kids had been looking forward to this for so long. On the way to Lagoon, traffic was so bad because of an accident, so we were happy we left a little early because we still arrived five minutes before they opened. One of the first rides I went on was a smaller roller coaster with Nicci. It was very jerky and bumpy, had no neck support and I hurt my neck after riding it. It hurt but not so bad that I couldn’t go on anymore rides. (It hurt more the next day). I just will not go on that roller coaster again, haha. I don’t like it. The rest of the day went well. Eric’s company had dinner for us, at 5, yummy hamburgers and potato salad. We also enjoyed some funnel cake. We stayed until 10 and got home around 11. The kids were all so tired. Next year I think it would be better to go in the early spring or early fall so that it will not be so hot outside. At the end of the day there were a lot of sweaty and stinky people in the lines to the rides haha. I was happy we were able to do all this for free though because of the company Eric works for. Yay for a fun day!

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Meeting up with friends.

I was so happy when one of my favorite friends from Washington messaged me on Facebook and told me that they were going to Utah to see family and she wondered if we could meet up. We decided to go to the Discovery park in Pleasant Grove. We went early in the morning before it got too hot. The kids had a ton of fun seeing their friends again. Savannah and Rylee followed each other around and played really well. It was so nice to see Melanie and Troy. One of the hardest things about moving to Utah was leaving all our friends in WA. Melanie and Troy moved into the same neighborhood as us not very long after we bought our house in WA. Melanie has been a great friend ever since. I love how even though we had not seen each other for like 9 months it was so easy to just talk and catch up and share what has been going on in our lives. I love how I can talk about not just on the surface “happy” stuff with her, but we can easily go into more deep conversations too. I love how we can support each other and be real about life and all its ups and downs. With her I don’t feel worried she will judge me so I don’t feel like I have to hide anything or hold back. I love friends like this. I miss friends like this. I hope some day I will find awesome friends here like the ones I had in WA.

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